How Citizens Create Value for the Circular Economy

Finland’s Circular Economy Roadmap emphasizes that all actors have a role to play: including governments, municipalities, businesses and citizens. While there is a lot of discussion about how businesses can transform their products and services for the circular economy (CE), and what municipalities could do to encourage more circular patterns, citizens’ potential to contribute to the CE does not get as much attention.

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Climate-friendly meat: A nuanced approach to climate-savvy beef consumption

“These data show the need to clearly distinguish among different livestock systems when promoting dietary change as a tool to fight against climatic change.”

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Bringing up a sustainability science institute – HELSUS turning 3 years

University of Helsinki established the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science aka HELSUS on 1st January 2018, so we are now three years in operation. This age as a child would mean passing through temper tantrums and gaining more independence. 

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Multidisciplinary insights into Arctic matters

A panel discussion held on December 10th gathered together Arctic area experts and students of University of Helsinki. The remote event was organized as a part of “Multidisciplinary environmental research – disciplinary perspectives to environmental questions” -course and the topic and the questions were chosen by its students. The panel discussion was hosted by Hannele Pokka, Professor of Practice at the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, and the guests included several Arctic area specialists: Nina Brander (Secretary General of the Arctic Advisory Board, PM’s Office), Timo Koivurova (Research Professor, Director of Arctic Institute, University of Lapland), Atte Korhola (Professor of Environmental Change, University of Helsinki) and Reetta Toivanen (Professor of Sustainability Science, HELSUS). Here are some of the main takeaways of the event.

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Striving for sustainable development in everyday life

Individual change is necessary to tackle sustainability challenges effectively. At Aalto University, we have developed a new app, AaltoSDG, in order to encourage its users to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by taking individual action and pushing for systemic change.

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