Introducing the Untame Podcast: Paradigm Shifters

Authors: Galina Kallio and Eeva Houtbeckers What happens when you put sustainability researchers, activists, and thinkers into conversation with two scholars passionate about shifting paradigms, add some microphones, and press record? This is how the HELSUS-funded Untame podcast was conceived, and the result has produced inspiring, thought-provoking, in-depth discussions with activists and thinkers on the cutting-edge of …

Social Imaginaries in Times of Climate Change

Sustainability takes on different meanings for everyone, and the actions that we can take to leave our planet in a better state than we found it are of course socially and politically dependent. As members of the sustainability research community, we are in a privileged position to consider our work as part of global efforts to forestall climate and social justice crises. 

Quarantine research diaries

As I was presenting at the DENVI Annual meeting 2020 last May (via Zoom), I spent some time talking about an issue I was facing due to the pandemic. The challenge posed by the COVID-19 travelling restrictions and social distancing practices had forced me to conduct my semi-structured interviews in Helsinki, Stockholm, and Oslo remotely. …

Bringing up a sustainability science institute – HELSUS turning 3 years

I have been a part time director of HELSUS since the fall 2018. The emphasis here is on the part time. It has not always been easy to allocate time between all that comes along with this position and with other pre-existing academic duties, in particular, teaching and supervision at all academic levels. Forgetting the struggle with managing time, this unique stance gives me a possibility to reflect from the inside on what has become of HELSUS so far. And also, a bit on what kinds of prospects and challenges I see for HELSUS in coming years. Community expansion and international recognition of HELSUS are the two elements that I would like to address along with the obvious angle – the role that HELSUS has in materializing the new University of Helsinki 2030 strategy in terms of being a frontrunner in sustainability.