YLLI-hanke hakee kahta tutkijatohtoria Helsingin yliopistoon (hakuaika 15.10.2020)

Tutkimushanke ”Yhdenvertainen liikunnallinen lähiö (YLLI)” hakee kahta tutkijatohtoria 31.12.2022 asti kestäviin työsuhteisiin Helsingin yliopistoon. Nyt haetaan väitelleitä tohtoreita, joiden alana on geoinformatiikka, GIS , ihmismaantiede, kaupunkitutkimus tai muu soveltuva lähialan tausta.

– Toivomme runsaasti hyviä hakemuksia, ja haemme kahta tutkijaa, joiden osaaminen ja kiinnostuksen kohteet toivottavasti täydentävät toisiaan, kertoo tutkimuskonsortion johtaja Petteri Muukkonen Helsingin yliopistosta.

Hakuilmoituksessa hakijoilta toivotaan GIS-osaamista, ja kokemusta suurien aineistojen käsittelystä ja paikkatietoanalyysien automatisoinnista. Hakijoilta toivotaan myös erinomaista kykyä viestiä kirjallisesti englanniksi.

Hakuilmoitus: https://www.helsinki.fi/fi/avoimet-tyopaikat/two-postdoctoral-researchers-department-of-geosciences-and-geography


The University of Helsinki is a multidisciplinary research university that ranks among the best in the world and the top ten among European universities. The university has some 36,000 degree students.

The Department of Geosciences and Geography (https://www.helsinki.fi/en/faculty-of-science/faculty/geosciences-and-ge…) at the Faculty of Science is the leading research and education unit in its field in Finland. In addition to research in geology, geophysics and geography, research into seismology and official duties in the field of seismology is carried out at the department. The staff at the department numbers some 100.

Faculty of Science invites applications for


in geoinformatics, GIS, human geography, urban studies or a related field starting from November 2020 or as agreed for fixed-term employment contracts until December 31, 2022. A six-month trial period will be applied.

The postdoctoral researchers will work on the project Equality in Suburban Physical Activity Environments (Yhdenvertainen liikunnallinen lähiö (YLLI) https://blogs.helsinki.fi/yhdenvertainen-liikunnallinen-lahio/) led by senior lecturer Petteri Muukkonen. The research project is a co-project of geographers from the University of Helsinki and social scientists of sports from the University of Jyväskylä. The project studies active lifestyles, sports activities and especially residents’ equal possibilities to access sport facilities and places of activities in Finnish suburbs. The project develops novel methodological ways to understand the equal access to active lifestyles among suburban residents. The project combines qualitative and quantitative approaches and aims to provide scientifically interesting results, but also communicating them to stakeholders. The project is funded by the Lähiöohjelma 2020–2022, Ministry of Environment. The postdoctoral researchers will work as part of the Digital Geography Lab https://www.helsinki.fi/en/researchgroups/digital-geography-lab led by professor Tuuli Toivonen and the newly established research group Geography of Well-being and Education https://blogs.helsinki.fi/geography-of-well-being-and-education/ led by senior lecturer Petteri Muukkonen.

We are seeking for two post-doctoral researchers to join the project team. To be successful in these positions, applicants should have a PhD in geoinformatics, GIS, human geography, urban studies or a related field, capability to handle large datasets and master GIS data analysis and modelling. The successful candidate will have fluency in Python (or R), strong geospatial skills, and a serious motivation to contribute to the development of the new research group. The post-doctoral researchers will be contributing to analyses of active lifestyles through big data mining (social media, mobile phones) and accessibility modelling. The specific focus of the positions will be agreed with the candidates depending on their scientific backgrounds and interest. Previous experience in GIS modelling, automating GIS processes or handling big data is an asset. The successful candidates are expected to have excellent scholarly communication and reporting skills in English, a proven publication record as well as the ability to conduct independent and creative research. While filling these two positions, the skills and the interests of candidates will be matched so that the two postdoctoral researchers will complement each other.

Finland is a member of EU, has high quality free schooling (also in English), generous family benefits and healthcare, and was recently ranked as the best country in the world for expat families and in the world’s top ten most livable cities. Finland and the Helsinki region possess top expertise in sciences in terms of a vibrant talent pool, leading research, strong support services and functioning collaboration networks. For more information about working at the University of Helsinki and living in Finland, please see https://www.helsinki.fi/en/university/working-at-the-university.

The starting salary of the postdoctoral researcher will be ca. 3300–3700 euros/month, depending on the appointees’ qualifications and experience. Furthermore, the University of Helsinki offers comprehensive services to its employees, including occupational health care and health insurance, sports facilities, and opportunities for professional development

How to apply

Please submit your application consisting of (1) a cover letter, (2) a curriculum vitae and a publications list, and 3) a research plan in a single pdf file using the University of Helsinki Recruitment System by clicking the Apply for the position button below. Applicants who are employees of the University of Helsinki must submit their applications via the SAP HR portal. Deadline for applications is 15th October 2020.

For further information, please contact Senior lecturer Petteri Muukkonen, petteri.muukkonen(at)helsinki.fi or Professor Tuuli Toivonen, tuuli.toivonen(at)helsinki.fi.

Dead line for applications: 15.10.2020 23:59 EEST

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