Online Olympiad in Linguistics järjestetään taas

Kansainvälinen kielitieteen online-kilpailu Onling pidetään vuoden tauon jälkeen helmikuussa 2023, tällä kertaa opiskelijoiden itsensä järjestämänä. Tämän vuoden kilpailussa on kaksi sarjaa: toisen asteen opiskelijoille sekä jo toiselta asteelta valmistuneille. Lisätietoa alla sekä Onlingin nettisivuilla.


We are pleased to announce that the student-run edition of the Online Olympiad in Linguistics is taking place this February. Any interested person from any country is welcome to participate.

The contest is offered in two divisions: one for secondary/high school students and one for those who have graduated from secondary/high school. Participants in both divisions will work on the same problem set. For participation in any division, you need to register. The working languages of the contest will be announced in February, and contestants will be able to select their preferred working language anytime before they open the problem set.

The contest will take place on Sunday, February 12, from 00:00UTC until 24:00UTC. A participant can begin working on the problems at any time during the contest period. From the moment a participant first sees the test, they will have exactly four hours to work on the problems and type in their answers. (Less time will be available for those who start the test after 20:00UTC.)

The test will consist of four problems of varying difficulty. Some problems will be similar in format to problems offered at other linguistics competitions, and some will be interactive. To work comfortably, a laptop or desktop computer will be needed.

During the contest, participants are required to work individually and are not allowed to use any outside help. In particular, any interaction with other people or the Internet (apart from this website) is prohibited. The use of word processors, graphics editors, and spreadsheets is allowed.


HUOM. Suomen kielitieteen olympialaiset (KiOl) ja Online Olympiad in Linguistics (Onling) ovat kaksi eri kilpailua.


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