Slavica Helsingiensia 14

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 14
Editors Robert Reid, Joe Andrew and Valentina Polukhina
Title Structure and Tradition in Russian Society. Papers from an International Conference on the Occasion of the Seventieth Birthday of Yury Michailovich Lotman “Russian Culture: Structure and Tradition”
Description This volume is a collection of articles in Russian and English based on papers given at the conference in Keele, United Kingom, July 1992. The book contains articles by A. Piatigorsky, B. Uspensky, B. Egorov, S. Isakov, L. Kiseleva, Roger Bartlett, William G. Weststeijn and others.
ISBN 951-45-6829-X
Pages 186
Published Helsinki 1994
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Price EUR 18