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Slavica Helsingiensia 52

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 52 (PDF)
Editors Ahti Nikunlassi & Ekaterina Protassova
Title Russian Language in the Multilingual World
Description There are old and new varieties of the Russian language. Having a large dissemination area, it embraces various contact situations with typologically different languages in the process of acquisition and functioning. This has numerous consequences on the psycholinguistic, political, sociolinguistic, educational, and personal levels. The present collection of articles covers these topics in cross-cultural and cross-linguistic perspectives. The presence of Russian in the world is documented through the facts and artifacts of its historical and contemporary use in the mass media, in the linguistic landscape, in the family, in everyday discourse, in the attitudes of its users, as well as in translation, teaching, and learning.
ISBN ISBN 978-951-51-5454-5 (PDF version: ISBN 978-951-51-5455-2)
ISSN ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 401
Published Helsinki, 2019
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Table of Contents with Links to Individual Articles (PDF)

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Slavica Helsingiensia 49

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 49 (PDF)
Editors Maxim Makartsev & Max Wahlström
Title In search of the center and periphery: Linguistic attitudes, minorities, and landscapes in the Central Balkans
Description This book is an attempt to capture and analyze aspects of multilingualism, the situation of minority languages and their speakers, and non-standard linguistic variation in Albania, Greece, and Macedonia. Widespread, stable, mutual multilingualism is widely thought to be one of the preconditions for the rise of the Balkan Sprachbund, characterized by grammatical convergence among the languages. The Central Balkans, with the Lakes Ohrid and Prespa as its geographical point of orientation, remains to this day ethnically and linguistically the most diverse part of the Balkans and displays a particularly high concentration of convergent linguistic features. The articles in this volume examine today’s linguistic diversity and its relation to the historical multilingualism in the region from a wide variety of perspectives.
ISBN ISBN 978-951-51-2520-0 (PDF version: ISBN 978-951-51-2521-7)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 177
Published Helsinki, 2016, Department of Modern Languages, University of Helsinki
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Slavica Helsingiensia 48

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 48 (PDF)
Author Ольга Ненонен
Title Фонетическое развитие русско-финских билингвов дошкольного
Description Настоящая книга представляет исследование, посвященное изучению фонетического развития русско-финских билингвов дошкольного возраста. Оно основано на лонгитюдном и срезовом экспериментах, проверяющих сформированность звуков русского и финского языков у детей 4–7 лет. При оценке данных используются качественные и количественные методы. Среди 126 информантов были типично развивающиеся билингвы, билингвы с проблемами речевого развития, а также контрольные группы русских и финских монолингвов. Показано, что в фонетическом развитии билингвов есть как общие черты, так и индивидуальные различия. Часть особенностей речевого онтогенеза общая с монолингвами. В целом фонетическое развитие в финском языке опережает фонетическое развитие в русском; при этом русские гласные осваиваются быстрее финских, а финские согласные – быстрее русских. Наиболее проблематичны для освоения лингвоспецифические звуки и фонетические явления. Взаимное влияние языков может восприниматься слушателями как акцент; с возрастом часть произносительных ошибок уходит.
ISBN 978-951-51-1889-9 (PDF-version: ISBN 978-951-51-1890-5)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 293
Published Helsinki, 2016, Department of Modern Languages, University of Helsinki
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Slavica Helsingiensia 47

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 47 (PDF)
Authour Max Wahlström
Title The Loss of Case Inflection in Bulgarian and Macedonian
Description Case inflection, which is characteristic of Slavic languages, was lost in Bulgarian and Macedonian between approximately the 11th and 16th centuries. This study examines the process of case loss and sets out to find its causes and evaluate its consequences. I argue that previous researchers into Late Medieval manuscripts often tried to date the language changes earlier than is plausible in light of the textual evidence. I also propose that the high number of second-language speakers is among the key factors reducing the number of morphological categories in a language; meanwhile, several minor developments related to the case loss for instance, in the marking of possession are likely to have resulted from a specific contact mechanism known as the Balkan linguistic area. My main methodological claim is that the study of language contacts must take into account a general typological perspective. Furthermore, quantitative typological methods are also helpful in assessing whether the shared linguistic features within a linguistic area emerged independently of each other.
ISBN ISBN 978-951-51-1185-2 (PDF version: ISBN 978-951-51-1186-90)
ISSN ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 217
Published Helsinki, 2015
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Slavica Helsingiensia 46

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 46 (PDF)
Author Merja Pikkarainen
Title Finnish and Russian as Lingua Francas: Joint Activity in Conversations
Description This study analyses the language use of non-native speakers of Finnish and non-native speakers of Russian by exploring the joint activity by two or more participants in authentic conversations. More specifically, the present focus is on word searches, collaborative productions and candidate understandings. All three types of joint activity emphasize the willingness of the participants to cooperate and the fact that although the language used is foreign to all of the participants, the interaction need not be problematic. On the contrary, it would seem that since no native speakers are present, the conversations become relaxed.
ISBN 978-951-51-0269-0 (PDF version: 978-951-51-0270-6)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 200
Published Helsinki, 2015
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Slavica Helsingiensia 45

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 45 (PDF)
Editors Ахти Никунласси (Ahti Nikunlassi), Екатерина Протасова (Ekaterina Protassova)
Title Инструментарий русистики: ошибки и многоязычие
Description В серии Инструментарий русистики затрагиваются методологические основы изучения русского языка. Настоящий том посвящен вопросу правильности и неправильности речи в ситуации многоязычия. Русский язык рассматривается в контакте с финским, японским, казахским, греческим, мордовским, таджикским и другими языками. Функциональный подход к анализу ошибок позволяет понять их типологию: какие общие и особенные черты встречаются в русской речи, когда на нее воздействуют разные языки окружения. Сочетание теоретического и практического аспектов приводит к отчасти неожиданным результатам.
ISBN ISBN 978-951-51-0565-3 (PDF version: ISBN 978-951-51-0566-0)
ISSN ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 320
Published Helsinki, 2014
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Table of Contents with Links to Individual Articles (PDF)

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Slavica Helsingiensia 44

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 44 (PDF)
Author Johanna Virkkula
Title First name choices in Zagreb and Sofia
Description This study explores reasons for first name choice for children using a survey carried out in two places: Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The outcomes of the analysis are twofold: reasons for name choice in the two communities are explored, and the application of survey methods to studies of name choice is discussed. The theoretical framework of the study is socio-onomastic, or more precisely socio-anthroponomastic, and the work explores boundaries of social intuition. It is argued that parents social intuition based on rules and norms for name choice in their communities that they may not even be consciously aware of guides them in choices related to namegiving.
ISBN 978-951-51-0093-1 (PDF version: 978-951-51-0094-8)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 356
Published Helsinki, 2014
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New cover design, starting from Volume 44, by Laura Vainio

Slavica Helsingiensia 43

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 43 (PDF)
Author Анелма Ламми (Anelma Lammi)
Title TUBI OR NOT TUBI: Сопоставление русской и финской терминологии в предметной области туберкулеза
Description Настоящая книга посвящена изучению русской и финской терминологии в предметной области туберкулеза. В работе применяется терминологический подход, который позволяет рассмотрение анализируемых понятий с помощью разложения сравниваемого понятия на видовые понятия. Если же понятие не поддается разложению или такое разложение не релевантно, то рассмотрение основывается на составлении перечня характеристик понятия. Главна цель исследования заключается в выявлении различий в концептуализации с помощью сопоставления понятий. Материал исследования состоит из двуязычного специального корпуса на русском и финском языках.
ISBN 978-952-10-9342-5 (PDF version: 978-952-10-9343-2)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 392
Published Helsinki, 2013
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Slavica Helsingiensia 42

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 42 (PDF)
Author Наталья Яковлева
Title «Человеческий документ»: история одного понятия
Description Настоящее исследование посвящено эволюции понятия «человеческий документ», до настоящего времени сохраняющего свою популярность в русской критике и литературоведении. В работе прослеживается история этого вы ражения от так называемой «эпохи Золя», когда оно было позаимствовано из критических статей мэтра французского натурализма и впервые стало функционировать в русской литературе, до позднего советского периода. Предло женное историко-семантическое описание дает дополнительный ракурс, по зволяющий по-иному осветить некоторые факты литературного процесса.
ISBN ISBN 978-952-10-8161-3 (PDF version: ISBN 978-952-10-8162-0)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 206
Published Helsinki, 2012, Department of Modern Languages, University of Helsinki
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Slavica Helsingiensia 41

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 41 (PDF)
Editors Jouko Lindstedt and Max Wahlström
Title Balkan Encounters: Old and New Identities in South-Eastern Europe
Description This book contains eight scholarly articles whose aim is to analyse the origins, maintenance, and changes of some of the ethnic, linguistic, and regional identities in South-Eastern Europe. Both majority and minority groups are discussed; the modern countries dealt with include Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro. In addition to the main languages of the region, the articles discuss smaller languages and varieties such as Balkan Turkish, Pomak, and Romani, as well as Montenegrin, the newcomer among the Balkan standard languages. In these articles, South-Eastern Europe presents itself as a multifaceted and multilayered scene, where boundaries between different languages and ethnicities, or indeed borders between countries, are much less ancient and much less permanent than they are often conceived.
ISBN 978-952-10-8538-3 (PDF version: 978-952-10-8539-0)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 182
Published Helsinki, 2012, Department of Modern Languages, University of Helsinki
Availability Book available
Price EUR 38 (VAT not incl.)
Table of Contents with Links to Individual Articles (PDF)

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Slavica Helsingiensia 40

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 40 (PDF)
Editors Arto Mustajoki, Ekaterina Protassova, Nikolai Vakhtin
Title Instrumentarium of Linguistics: Sociolinguistic Approaches to Non-Standard Russian

The dissemination of the Russian language in the world has taken place over the centuries, leading to the appearance of both permanent and ephemeral varieties of Russian speech affected by language con­tact and language mixing. In today’s situation, regional varieties of non-standard Russian are mainly studied from a sociolinguistic point of view, but ethnographic, psycholinguistic, and discourse analytic methods are used as well. The present collection of articles is an attempt to uncover the mechanisms of language contact in its historical and synchronic aspects, in Russia, the CIS, and ‘the far abroad’.

Распространение русского языка в мире происходило на протяжении ве­ков, вызывая появление контактных и смешанных разновидностей русской речи, устойчивых или преходящих. В современной ситуации региональные варианты нестандартного русского изучаются прежде всего социолингви­стическими, но также этнографическими, психолингвистическими, дискурс-аналитическими методами. Настоящий сборник представляет собой попытку вскрыть механизмы языкового контакта в историческом и син­хронном плане, как на территории России и стран СНГ, так и в дальнем за­рубежье.

ISBN ISBN 978-952-10-7411-0 (PDF version: ISBN 978-952-10-7412-7)
ISSN ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 457
Published Helsinki, 2010
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Price EUR 45 (VAT not incl.)
Table of Contents with Links to Individual Articles (PDF)

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Slavica Helsingiensia 39

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 39 (PDF)
Author Инга Данилова (Inga Danilova)
Title Литературная сказка А. М. Ремизова (1900–1920-е годы)
Description Настоящий том посвящен комплексному историко-литературному описанию сказки как целостного жанрового направления в творчестве одного из крупнейших русских прозаиков XX века А. М. Ремизова (1877-1957). С фольклорным материалом он работал на протяжении всей жизни, но наиболее интенсивно в 1900-1910-е годы. Тогда же писатель сделал несколько сотен пересказов народных сказок, а затем объединил их в восемь сборников, которые сыграли существенную роль в становлении стилистических и композиционных принципов его прозы. Исследование основано на разнообразном архивном материале, благодаря чему в научный оборот вводятся новые историко-литературные данные. Избранный подход позволяет определить место и функциональное значение жанра сказки в художественной практике Ремизова, а также обратиться к одной из ключевых проблем истории литературы рубежа XIX–XX веков – специфике организации модернистского текста и роли монтажных приемов в его формировании.
ISBN 978-952-10-6408-1 (PDF version: 978-952-10-6409-8)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 271
Published Helsinki, 2010, Department of Modern Languages, University of Helsinki
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Slavica Helsingiensia 38

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 38 (PDF)
Author Арья Кирвесмяки (Arja Kirvesmäki)
Title Выражение обобщенно-личного значения в русском языке
Description Настоящая книга посвящена изучению семантической категории обобщенно-личности на материале русского языка. В исследовании применяется функциональный подход “от значения к форме”, который позволяет выявить разнообазные средства реализации определенной семантики, а также обнаружить различия и взаимоотношения между ними. Главная цель исследования заключается в составлении инвентаря языковых средств, способных передавать обобщенно-личное значение в русском языке. Основной материал исследования составляют 2000 примеров, отобранных из современной художественной прозы, газет и журналов.
ISBN 978-952-10-6260-5 (PDF-version: ISBN 978-952-10-6261-2)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 337
Published Helsinki, 2010, Department of Modern Languages, University of Helsinki
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Slavica Helsingiensia 37

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 37 (PDF)
Author Jouni Vaahtera
Title Эволюция системы гласных фонем в некоторых русских говорах Вологодской области
Description Настоящий 37 том содержит докторскую диссертацию, посвященную процессам изменения системы гласных фонем в некоторых севернорусских говорах. В книге рассматривается история гласных русского языка, на основании имеющейся диалектологической литературы представляется система гласных фонем 36 народных говоров населенных пунктов, расположенных недалеко от г. Вологды, и сравнивается три временных среза одного из этих говоров. Таким образом, кроме исторического обзора вокализма прослеживаются пути изменения системы говора на промежутке примерно ста лет.
ISBN 978-952-10-5854-7 (PDF-version: ISBN 978-952-10-5855-4)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 323
Published Helsinki, 2009
Price EUR 42 (VAT not incl.)


Slavica Helsingiensia 36

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 36 (PDF)
Author Ben Hellman
Title Встречи и столкновения. Статьи по русской литературе. Meetings and Clashes. Articles on Russian Literature.

Настоящий том содержит избранные статьи по русской литературе, написанные доктором философии Беном Хеллманом, лектором по русской литературе Хельсинкского университета. Темы статей — литература Первой мировой войны, творчество Леонида Андреева, русско-финские культурные контакты и детская литература. Книга издается в честь 60-летия Б. Хеллмана.

The present volume contains a selection of articles on Russian literature by Ben Hellman, Lecturer in Russian Literature at the University of Helsinki. The themes of the articles include literature of the First World War, Leonid Andreyev’s writings, Russo-Finnish cultural contacts and children literature. The book is published to mark the occasion of Dr Hellman’s 60th birthday.

ISBN 978-952-10-5243-9 (PDF version: 978-952-10-5244-6)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 300
Published Helsinki, 2009
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Slavica Helsingiensia 35

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 35 (PDF)
Editors Jouko Lindstedt, Andrew Chesterman, Mikhail Kopotev, Aila Laamanen, Ahti Nikunlassi, Juhani Nuorluoto, Jyrki Papinniemi, Pekka Pesonen, Johanna Viimaranta
Title С любовью к слову. Festschrift in Honour of Professor Arto Mustajoki on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday

The present volume contains 42 linguistic and philological articles by friends and colleagues of Arto Mustajoki, Professor of Russian Language and Literature at the University of Helsinki since 1982, written especially to mark the occasion of his 60th birthday.

Настоящий том содержит 42 статьи по лингвистике и филологии, которые друзья и коллеги Арто Мустайоки, профессора русского языка и литературы Хельсинкского университета с 1982 года, хотели бы преподнести юбиляру в честь его 60-летия.

ISBN 978-952-10-5136-4 (PDF-version: ISBN 978-952-10-5137-1)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 497
Published Helsinki, 2008
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Table of Contents with Links to Individual Articles (PDF)

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Slavica Helsingiensia 34

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 34 (PDF)
Editors А. Мустайоки, М. В. Копотев, Л. А. Бирюлин, Е. Ю. Протасова
Title Инструментарий русистики: корпусные подходы

Настоящий том открывает серию книг, посвященных современным научным подходам к исследованию русского языка и объединенных общим названием «Инструментарий русистики». В 21 статье финских и зарубежных авторов представлены возможности исследования языка с помощью различных корпусных методов, недавно вошедших в арсенал средств современного лингвиста. Сборник включает исследования по лексикологии, морфологии и синтаксису современного русского языка, предлагающие свои решения как старых, так и новых вопросов.

The book opens a new sequence of publications dedicated to different approaches in research on the Russian language. These include corpus studies, functional syntax, discourse analysis, etc.

ISBN 978-952-10-4757-2 (PDF version: 978-952-10-4758-9)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 371
Published Helsinki, 2008
Availability Book available
Price EUR 44 (VAT not incl.)
Table of Contents with Links to Individual Articles (PDF)

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Slavica Helsingiensia 33

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 33 (PDF)
Author Ахти Никунласси (Ahti Nikunlassi)
Title Приместоименно-относительные конструкции в современнон русском языке
Description Настоящая книга посвящена синтаксису и семантике приместоименно-относительных (или отождествительных) конструкций в современном рус-ском языке. Предложенное в книге общее определение категории относи-тельных конструкций русского языка позволяет досконально проанализи-ровать и описать сходства и различия отдельных типов и разновидностей данной категории, а также исключить из ее состава ряд конструкций, имеющих определенное сходство с относительными. В качестве иллюстра-тивного материала используются фактические примеры, отобранные из интернета и отражающие самые разнообразные сферы функционирования современного русского литературного языка.
ISBN 978-952-10-4639-1 (PDF-version: 978-952-10-4643-8)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 303
Published Helsinki, 2008
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Slavica Helsingiensia 32

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 32 (PDF)
Editor Juhani Nuorluoto
Title Topics on the Ethnic, Linguistic and Cultural Making of the Russian North. Вопросы этнического, языкового и культурного формирования Русского Севера. Beiträge zur ethnischen, sprachlichen und kulturellen Entwicklung
des russischen Nordens.
Description The present volume contains 13 extensive articles on the ethnic and linguistic making of the Russian North. The articles address diverse questions in the fields of archaeology and history, Finno-Ugric studies, Slavonic studies and Baltic studies. The volume at hand represents a continuation of the conference proceedings volume The Siavicization of the Russian North: Mechanisms and Chronology (Slavica Helsingiensia 27), presenting the results obtained from the Academy-funded project The Ethnic, Linguistic and Cultural Making of the Russian North.
ISBN 978-952-10-4367-3 (PDF version: 978-952-10-4368-0)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 336
Published Helsinki, 2007
Availability Book available
Price EUR 44,00 (VAT not incl.)
Table of Contents with Links to Individual Articles (PDF)

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Slavica Helsingiensia 31

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 31
Author Ed. by Ben Hellman, Tomi Huttunen, Gennady Obatnin
Title Varietas et concordia. Essays in Honour of Pekka Pesonen
Description The volume is dedicated to Professor Pekka Pesonen on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday. It includes 38 articles, written by Professor Pesonen’s friends and colleagues – Finnish, Estonian, Russian and American scholars and also representatives of Professor Pesonen’s Finnish School. The topics covered by the articles range from general and theoretical questions concerning mainly Russian literature, culture and semiotics to specific and detailed analyses of Russian literary his-tory. The thematic variety (varietas) reflects Professor Pesonen’s keen interest in the study of literature and culture, the semiotics of Russian cultural history and the analysis of Texts (literary and cultural) within their social contexts. But his interests never have been bounded only by the pure scientific goals and Pekka Pesonen is widely known as a translator, literary critic, great ad-mirer of Russian culture and a part of it himself. The unity and agreement (concordia) of these different approaches is to be found in а search for understanding, – understanding literature, un-derstanding the specifics of Russian culture. Ultimately, it is а quest for understanding the emer-gence and the narration of Texts in history.
ISBN 978-952-10-3831-0
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 565
Published Helsinki, 2007
Availability Book available
Price EUR 46,00 (VAT not incl.)

Slavica Helsingiensia 30

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 30 (PDF)
Author Hanna Ruutu
Title Patterns of Transcendence – Classical Myth in Marina Tsvetaeva’s Poetry of the 1920s
Description This study examines the position and meaning of Classical mythological plots, themes and characters in the oeuvre of the Russian Modernist poet Marina Tsvetaeva (1892–1941). The material consists of lyric poems from the collection Posle Rossii (1928) and two longer lyrical tragedies, Ariadna (1924) and Fedra (1927). These works are examined in the context of Russian Modernism and Tsvetaeva’s own poetic development, also taking into account the author’s biography, namely, her correspondence with Boris Pasternak. Tsvetaeva’s appropriations of the myths enter into a dialogue with the Classical tradition and with the earlier Russian and Western literary manifestations of the source material. Her Classical texts are inextricably linked with her own authorial myth, they are used to project both her ideas about poetry as well as the authored self of her poems.
ISBN 952-10-3591-9 (PDF version: 952-10-3592-7)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 158
Published Helsinki, 2006
Availability Book available
Price EUR 28,00 (VAT not incl.)


Slavica Helsingiensia 29

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 29 (PDF)
Author Johanna Viimaranta
Title Talking About Time in Russian and Finnish

This study deals with how time is talked about in Russian and Finnish. The study uses Functional Syntax to investigate what meanings the speakers wish to convey when talking about time, and conceptual metaphor theory to explain why the expression of time are as they are. The analysis is based on a material consisting of more than 2,200 expressions of time.

This study introduces both theoretical and methodological novelties in the nature of material used, in developing empirical methodology for conceptual metaphor studies, in the exactness of defining the limits of different conceptual metaphors, and in seeking unity among the different sides of time.

ISBN 952-10-3290-1 (PDF version: 952-10-3291-X)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 334+124
Published Helsinki, 2006
Availability Book available
Price EUR 46,00 (VAT not incl.)


Slavica Helsingiensia 28

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 28 (PDF)
Author Пиркко Пауккери (Pirkko Paukkeri)
Title Реципиент в русском разговоре: о распределении функций между ответами да, ну и так
Description This study investigates actions by recipients in spontaneous Russian conversations by focusing on da, nu, and tak when they are used as responses to the main speaker’s larger on-going turn. The database for the study consists of some seven hours of spontaneous conversations. The use of da, nu, and tak was analyzed by applying the method of ethnomethodological conversation analysis from the point of view of the type of the context, the sequential placement of the response and its manner of production. Ther particles were analyzed both in contexts in which they responded to an informing and in affective contexts.
ISBN 952-10-3075-5 (PDF version: 952-10-3076-3)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 205
Published Helsinki, 2006
Availability Book available
Price EUR 32,00 (VAT not incl.)


Slavica Helsingiensia 27

Slavica Helsingiensia 27 (PDF)
Editor Juhani Nuorluoto
Title The Slavicization of the Russian North: Mechanisms and Chronology. Die Slavisierung Nordrusslands: Mechanismen und Chronologie. Славянизация Русского Севера: механизмы и хронология
Description The present volume contains 24 papers that in one way or another address questions related to the mechanisms and chronology of the Slavicization of the nothern regions of present-day Russia. The majority of these contributions is based on the papers read at an international conference, organized by the Academy-funded project The Ethnic, Linguistic and Cultural Making of the Russian North (Academy of Finland, No. 208153), and held at the Biological Station of Helsinki University in Lammi September 22nd–25th 2005.
Reviewed in Finnisch-ugrische Forschungen 57 (2006)
ISBN 952-10-2852-1 (PDF version: 952-10-2928-5)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 377
Published Helsinki, 2006
Availability Book available
Price EUR 44,00 (VAT not incl.)
Table of Contents with Links to Individual Articles (PDF)

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Slavica Helsingiensia 26


Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 26 (PDF)
Author Jussi Halla-aho
Title Problems of Proto-Slavic Historical Nominal Morphology. On the Basis of Old Church Slavic
Description This book addresses some of the most disputed issues of Proto-Slavic nominal inflectional morphology. Several of the discussed morphological elements are relevant for the question of whether there was a regular change of the Proto-Indo-European vowel */o/ to Proto-Slavic */u/ in closed final syllables. Special attention is paid to the role that grammatical gender plays in analogical morphological processes. New diachronic solutions are offered, e.g., for the */o/-stem dative singular ending -u, for the masculine-neuter nominative singular ending -y ~ -’ę of the active present participle, and for the nominative-accusative singular form of the Slavic */es/-stem neuters. The material used is mostly drawn from the canonical Old Church Slavic corpus. The book also contains an exhaustive classification of all Old Church Slavic nouns and adjectives according to their historical stem class, gender, and derivational structure.
Reviewed in Kratylos:Kritisches Berichts- und Rezensionsorgan für indogermanische und allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft”. Jahrgang 54, 2009
ISBN 952-10-3012-7 (PDF version: 952-10-3013-5)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 289
Published Helsinki, 2006
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Price EUR 36,00 (VAT not incl.)


Slavica Helsingiensia 25

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 25 (PDF)
Author Matias Hellman
Title Znati and um(j)eti in Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian.Grammaticalisation of Habitual Auxiliaries
Description This monograph employs a substantialist approach in examining the specific use of the verbs znati and um(j)eti in the Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian language(s) as auxiliaries that denote habitual, characteristic or sporadic activity. Drawing from corpus and questionnaire data, the study provides a syntactic description of such use and analyses its semantic content in the light of universal categories of tense, mood and aspect. Theories of grammaticalisation are applied in a discussion of possible explanations for the development of this use from other meanings of the lexemes znati and um(j)eti.
ISBN 952-10-2702-9 (PDF version: 952-10-2703-7)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 190
Published Helsinki, 2005
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Price EUR 30,00 (VAT not incl.)


Slavica Helsingiensia 24

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 24 (PDF)
Editors Ред. А. Мустайоки, Е. Протасова
Title Русскоязычный человек в иноязычном окружении
Description В томе 24 собраны статьи, рассказывающие об особенностях функционирования в иноязычном окружении русского языка как родного на уровне личности и сообщества. Речь идет о речевых практиках русскоязычных людей в Австрии, Бельгии, Германии, Греции, Израиле, Италии, Казахстане, Латвии, Литве, США, Узбекистане, Финляндии, Франции, Швеции. Ставятся вопросы русскоязычной ментальности и идентичности, развития двуязычия, сохранения языка.
ISBN 952-10-2265-5
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 266
Published Helsinki, 2004
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Slavica Helsingiensia 23

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 23 (PDF)
Author Maija Könönen
Title “Four Ways of Writing the City”: St. Petersburg-Leningrad as a Metaphor in the poetry of Joseph Brodsky”
Description The present study discusses the theme of St. Petersburg-Leningrad in Joseph Brodsky’s verse works. The chosen approach to the evolving im-age of the city in Brodsky’s poetry is through four metaphors: St. Peters-burg as “the common place” of the Petersburg Text, St. Petersburg as “Paradise and/or Hell”, St. Petersburg as “a Utopian City” and St. Peters-burg as “a Void”. This examination of the city-image focusses on the aspects of space and time as basic categories underlying the poet’s poetic world view.
Reviewed in Russkij zhurnal 18.8.2003 (
“Laji, tekijä, instituutio”. Kirjallisuudentutkijain seuran vuosikirja 56. Toim. T. Lahdelma, R. Niemi-Pynttäri, O. Oja, K. Virtanen. Helsinki: SKS, 2003, pp 285–288.
ISBN 952-10-0997-2 (PDF version: 952-10-0978-0)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 340
Published Helsinki 2003
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Slavica Helsingiensia 22

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 22 (PDF)
Author Jussi Heinonen
Title Это и то в повести Старуха Даниила Хармса
Description This dissertation focuses on the short story Starukha (The Old Woman), one of the last works of the Russian writer Daniil Kharms (1905-1942). The story, written in 1939, is analysed using the Kharmsian concepts èto and to (this and that) as a heuristic interpretative model. The model is applied to study the different states of consciousness of the male protagonist, the hidden symbolic meanings of the reality presented in the story, the narrative devices of the story, its hidden biblical allusions, and, finally, the grotesque, absurd and paradoxical aspects that manifest themselves in the story.
Reviewed in Slavic and East European Journal
Slavic Review 64, 1/2005
ISBN 952-10-0880-6 (PDF version: 952-10-0881-4)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 231
Published Helsinki 2003
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Price EUR 25,00


Slavica Helsingiensia 21

ISBN 952-10-0246-8

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 21
Author Ed. by Juhani Nuorluoto, Martti Leiwo and Jussi Halla-aho
Title Papers in Slavic, Baltic and Balkan Studies
Description This volume contains a selection of papers by Slavists, Baltologists and Balkanists from Austria/Croatia, Canada, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Russia and the United States of America
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 174
Published Helsinki 2001
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Price EUR 25,00

Slavica Helsingiensia 20

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 20
Editors Pekka Pesonen and Jussi Heinonen
Title Studia Russica Helsingiensia et Tartuensia VII: Переломные периоды в русской литературе и культуре
Description This volume contains 32 articles based on the papers presented at the international conference “Perelomnye periody v russkoj literature i kul’ture” held in Helsinki in 1999 within the frame of so-called Tartu – Helsinki seminar (VII in order). The range of authors includes world-famous names, as well as young talents, not only from Finland and Estonia but from Russia, the USA and Germany.
ISBN 951-45-9691-9
ISSN 1239-1611
Pages 448
Published Helsinki 2000
Availability Book available
Price EUR 44,00

Slavica Helsingiensia 19

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 19 (PDF)
Author Heli Kostov
Title Мифопоэтика Адндрея Платонова в романе Счастливая Москва
Description This dissertation focuses on the mythopoetics of the Soviet writer Andrej Platonov (1899–1951) in his late novel Schastlivaja Moskva (Happy Moscow), written in 1932–1936. The purpose of the work is to reveal the mythopoetic world model in the novel, to characterize the most significant features of Platonov’s mythopoetics and finally, to reconstruct the author’s myth in the novel by placing the novel in the context of Platonov’s oeuvre and Russian literature and culture as a whole.
ISBN 951-45-9628-5 (PDF version: 951-45-9629-3)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 325
Published Helsinki 2000
Availability Book available
Price EUR 40,00 (VAT not incl.)


Slavica Helsingiensia 18

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 18
Author Pekka Pesonen
Title Тексты жизни и искусства. Статьи по русской литературе. Text of Life and Art. Articles on Russian Literature
Description The book consists of 13 articles on Russian Symbolism, Russian Contemporary Literature, Semiotics of Literature, Intertextual Study of Literature and Russian-Finnish Literary Contacts. The articles are written in Russian, English, Swedish and German.
Reviewed in Rusistika, 17, 1998
Новое Литературное обозрение 35, 1999
ISBN 951-45-7910-0
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 194
Published Helsinki 1997
Availability Out of print
Price N/A

Slavica Helsingiensia 17

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 17
Author Irina Mess-Baehr
Title Мандельштам и сталинская эпоха: эзопов язык в поэзии Мандельштама 30-х годов
Description This book is based on close readings of Mandel’shtam’s late poetry. It shows how Mandel’shtam’s usage of literary and cultural subtexts served in the 1930’s not only for esthetic but also for political encoding. The work gives a new perspective on Mandel’shtam’s late oeuvre, showing that his path from the epigram against Stalin to the so-called “ode” was not a shift to conformity but a logical literary maneuver, changing his open literary protest to a well-hidden challenge to Stalin’s bloody reign.
ISBN 951-45-7785-X
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 364
Published Helsinki 1997
Availability Out of print
Price N/A

Slavica Helsingiensia 16

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 16
Editors P. Pesonen, J. Heinonen and G. Obatnin
Title Studia Russica Helsingiensia et Tartuensia V: Модернизм и постмодернизм в русской литературе и культуре
Description This volume contains 35 articles based on the papers presented at the international conference “Modernizm i postmodernizm v russkoi literature i kul’ture” held in Helsinki in 1995 within the frame of so-called Tartu — Helsinki seminar. The range of authors includes world-famous names, as well as young talents, not only from Finland and Estonia but from Russia, the USA, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Germany.
Reviewed in Новое Литературное обозрение 26, 1997
ISBN 951-45-7624-1
ISSN 1239-1611
Pages 468
Published Helsinki 1996
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Price EUR 49,00

Slavica Helsingiensia 15

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 15 (PDF)
Author Efim Kurganov
Title Литературный анекдот пушкинской эпохи
Description This monograph is the first attempt to deal with a subject on which no special study has so far been published. Until now Russian anecdote has been researched as a cultural phenomenon by well-known scholars: however, it has not been studied as an integral whole. The need for a synthetic approach has been acutely felt by historians working with early nineteenth century Russian literature: the wide sphere of anecdote comes up constantly in the study of plot structures and poetics of the period. The book presents and analyses groups of anecdotes which are divided into certain cycles. They are presented as complete texts with their rules, characteristic plot structures and poetics. In the research particular attention is paid to methology which aims at opening new perspectives for further study of Pushkin’s period in literature.
Reviewed in Русская мысль 4073/1995
Звезда 6/1995
Slavic and East European Journal, 40, 4/1996
Русская литература 4/1996
ISBN 951-45-6890-7
Pages 278
Published Helsinki 1995
Table of Contents with Links to Individual Chapters

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Slavica Helsingiensia 14

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 14
Editors Robert Reid, Joe Andrew and Valentina Polukhina
Title Structure and Tradition in Russian Society. Papers from an International Conference on the Occasion of the Seventieth Birthday of Yury Michailovich Lotman “Russian Culture: Structure and Tradition”
Description This volume is a collection of articles in Russian and English based on papers given at the conference in Keele, United Kingom, July 1992. The book contains articles by A. Piatigorsky, B. Uspensky, B. Egorov, S. Isakov, L. Kiseleva, Roger Bartlett, William G. Weststeijn and others.
ISBN 951-45-6829-X
Pages 186
Published Helsinki 1994
Availability Book available
Price EUR 32,00

Slavica Helsingiensia 13

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 13
Author Leonid Birjulin
Title Семантика и прагматика русского императива
Description This book deals with the semantics and the pragmatics of Russian affirmative and negative sentences containing imperfective and perfective imperative verbal forms. The study based on the general semantic-pragmatic calculation desribes the interaction of presuppositive, prescriptive, modal, aspect, social etc. characteristics which determines the adequate interpretation of the imperative utterance.
ISBN 951-45-6723-4
Pages 229
Published Helsinki 1994
Availability Book available
Price EUR 33,00

Slavica Helsingiensia 12

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 12
Author Ahti Nikunlassi
Title Именительный или творительный? Синтаксические прилагательные при полнознаменательных глаголах в русском языке: проблемы выбора падежа.
Description This book is a contribution to the problem of case selection for the predicate adjectives, participles and ordinal numerals in contemporary Russian focusing on sentences where these words are syntactically related to a full lexical verb. The study is based on experimental data provided by a questionnaire with the participation of 169 native speakers. Considerable attention is given to the semantic, syntactic and communicative properties of the verb and the adjective.
Reviewed in Russian Linguistics, 18, 395, 1994; Slavonic and East European Review, 1999, 75(3), pp 501-502.
ISBN 951-45-6396-4
Pages 161
Published Helsinki 1993
Availability Book available
Price EUR 23,00

Slavica Helsingiensia 11

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 11
Editors L. Byckling and P. Pesonen
Title Studia Russica Helsingiensia et Tartuensia III. Проблемы русской литературы и культуры
Description The third conference of Tartu and Helsinki scholars (1991) was devoted to Russian Literature in Finland and the Baltic Countries in the 1920’s–1930’s and to general problems in Russian literature. This volume contains articles based on the papers presented at the conference:

  • Yu. Lotman, Механизм смуты (к типологии русской истории культуры)
  • M. Lotman, Балтийская тема в поэзии Иосифа Бродского
  • S. Isakov, Русская общественная культурная жизнь в Эстонии 1919–1921
  • E. Hellberg-Hirn, Магические числа
  • P. Tammi, Заметки о полигенетичности в прозе В. Набокова
  • L. Byckling, Американские кинороли Михаила Чехова
  • and others.
ISBN 951-45-6350-6
Pages 242
Published Helsinki 1992
Availability Book available
Price EUR 33,00


Slavica Helsingiensia 10

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 10
Author Liisa Byckling
Title Письма Михаила Чехова Мстиславу Добужинскому (годы эмиграции, 1938–1951). Letters from Mikhail Chekhov to Mstislav Dobuzhinsky (emigre years 1938–1951). Publication foreword and commentaries: Liisa Byckling.
Description This volume surveys the second phase of Mikhail Chekhov’s career after he left the Moscow Art Theatre for Europe and the United States. In the introduction the author analyses the work of Chekhov and M. Dobuzhinsky in the Anglo-American theatre studio, and other topics.
The 45 letters from Chekhov (supplied with detailed commentaries) deal with the production of The Possessed by Dostoevsky, Hollywood cinema and memoirs of both artists. The second edition contains new materials from M. Dobuzhinsky’s archive; chapters from Chekhov’s memoirs Zhizn’ i vstrechi, hitherto unpublished in Russia, illuminate the religious ideas of the actor.
Reviewed in: Русская мысль 26.2.1993;
The Slavonic and East European Review, Vol. 72, 1, 1994;
Slavic and East European Journal, Vol. 38. No 4, Winter 1994;
Новый журнал 207, 1997.
Revue des Études slaves, LXXII/3-4, 2000.
ISBN 951-45-6173-2
Pages 179
Published Helsinki 1992
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Slavica Helsingiensia 9

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 9 (PDF)
Authors Arto Mustajoki & Hannes Heino
Title Case Selection for the Direct Object in Russian Negative Clauses.
Part II: Report on a Statistical Analyses
Description This book is connected with the research project that has been set up at the Department to investigate the problem of case selection for the direct object in Russian negative clauses (cf. Slavica Helsingiensia, vol. 2). The volume presents the results of an analysis of a fairly extensive computer corpus created at the Department. The total number of analysed factors (probably) influencing the choice of the case of negative object exceeded fifty.
Reviewed in The Slavonic and East European Review, 70, 3/1992;
Linguistics 32/1994;
Language, 70, 3/1994
ISBN 951-45-5821-9
Pages 249
Published Helsinki 1991
Availability Out of print (PDF)
Price N/A


Slavica Helsingiensia 8

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 8
Author Juhani Nuorluoto
Title Jovan Stejić’s Language. A Contribution to the History of the Serbo-Croatian Standard Language
Description The literary language of Jovan Stejić is investigated in the context of an epoch which can be characterized as most active in the search of a standard language among Serbs.
The study provides a description of Stejić’s language and concentrates on the structural and sociolinguistic analysis of attested features. It also aims to emphasize the role of authors other than Vuk Karadžić in the process of the formation of the standard language among Serbs.
Reviewed in Slavic Review, 49:4, 1990;
The Slavonic and East European Review, 69, 1/1991;
Juznoslovenski filolog XLVI, 1990;
Dnevnik 5.7.1989
ISBN 951-45-4915-5
Pages 175
Published Helsinki 1989
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Price EUR 25,00

Slavica Helsingiensia 7

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 7 (PDF)
Authors Eeva Ilola & Arto Mustajoki
Title Report on Russian Morphology as it Appears in Zaliznyak’s Grammatical Dictionary
Description This work is a quantitative description of the morphological features of contemporary Russian vocabulary. Lexical frequencies of the paradigms and their parts are based on the material of Zaliznyak’s Grammatical Dictionary with about 100 000 index words. The report contains examples of words in all paradigms and 233 illustrating tables.
Reviewed in Slavia, 61, 1/1992;
Съпоставително езикознание XVIII, 1/1993
ISBN 951-45-4904-X
Pages 235
Published Helsinki 1989
Availability Out of print (PDF)
Price N/A


Slavica Helsingiensia 6

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 6
Editors L. Byckling and P. Pesonen
Title Studia Russica Helsingiensia et Tartuensia. Проблемы истории русской литературы XX века
Description This volume is a collection of articles based on papers given at the first conference between Tartu State University and the University of Helsinki in 1987.
The book contains articles on A. Chekhov, Severyanin, Tynyanov, Bely, Blok, M. Chekhov, neoslavophilism around the time of the first World War, theory of translating poetry, and the esthetics of the Russian avantgarde. The volume also contains two articles by Yuri Lotman: one on the concept of the semiosphere, and one on the late works of Pushkin.
Reviewed in Русская мысль 3798/1989
The Andrej Belyj Society Newsletter 9/1990.
ISBN 951-45-4903-1
Pages 240
Published Helsinki 1989
Availability Book available
Price EUR 25,00

Slavica Helsingiensia 5

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 5
Author Kari Liukkonen
Title Восточнославянские отглагольные существительные на -м. Том I: существителные на *мъ/*ма/*мо
Description The main topic of the study is the attestation of deverbative nouns ending in -м-, which are formed on a Slavonic basis without intermediary -ь- or -ъ-. The numerous dialect dictionaries and vocabularies of the East Slavonic languages and the most important dictionaries of all Slavonic languages form the main source of lexical material for the etymologization of the words in question. Seventy seven etymologies (most of them new) of East Slavonic deverbative nouns ending in *-мъ *-ма/*-мо are presented in the study. New etymologies are proposed, among others, for Literary Russian глум, дума, корм, корма, космы, кум(а), налим, пасмо, терем, угрюмый, хоромо, чума, шум and яма. On the basis of the proposed etymologies it is possible to give many new examples of the simplification of Common Slavonic word-internal consonant clusters.
Reviewed in Этимология 1988–1990, M. “Наука”, 1992
ISBN 951-45-4336-X
Pages 224
Published Helsinki 1987
Availability Book available
Price EUR 21,00

Slavica Helsingiensia 4

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 4
Author Jouko Lindstedt
Title On the Semantics of Tense and Aspect in Bulgarian
Description The study describes the functions of the tense and aspect forms of Modern Bulgarian in expressing temporal reference, situation classification and modality. The description is based on general semantic models which are also applicable to other languages. Special attention is paid on the role of aspect in temporal reference, as well as to the layerwise aspectual structures of the sentence (aspectual nesting).
Reviewed in The Slavonic and East European Review, 64, 3/1986;
Language, 62, 3/1986; Съпоставително езикознание 2/1987;
Slavic and East European Journal, 31,4/1987.
ISBN 951-45-3526-X
Pages 320
Published Helsinki 1985
Availability Book available
Price EUR 25,00 (VAT not incl.)

Slavica Helsingiensia 3

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 3
Author Marja Leinonen
Title Impersonal Sentences in Finnish and Russian: Syntactic and Semantic Properties
Description The study describes the semantics of sentences that are called impersonal in Russian and Finnish. The starting point is syntactic non-congruence, which leads to a classification of sentence models with distinct syntactic-semantic structures. These are found to be nearly identical in the two languages. The motivations for the impersonal/non-congruent sentence models are established and tentatively connected with typological phenomena, syntactic subject prominence and word order.
Reviewed in The Slavonic and East European Review, 64, 3/1986;
Zeitschrift für Slawistik, 32, 1987;
Revue des Etudes Slaves, LIX, 1987.
ISBN 951-45-3526-X
Pages 126
Published Helsinki 1985
Availability A bound xerocopy available
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Slavica Helsingiensia 2

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 2 (PDF)
Author Арто Мустайоки (Arto Mustajoki)
Title Падеж дополнения в русских отрицательных предложениях I: Изыскания новых методов в изучении старой проблемы
Description A well-known problem in contemporary Russian, the determination of the case of the direct object in negative sentences, is studied from some points of view: a detailed comparative description is given of the variables which, according to different scholars, affect the choice of the direct object case in Russian negative sentences; two principally different approaches to the problem are presented; the third chapter presents the method and the results of research carried out by means of a questionnaire among students at Moscow State University.
Reviewed in The Slavonic and East European Review, 64, 3/1986;
International Journal of Slavic Linguistics XXXIII, 1986
Language, 63, 1/1987; Zielsprache Russisch 1/1990.
ISBN 951-45-3525-1
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 188
Published Helsinki 1985
Availability Out of print (PDF)
Price N/A


Slavica Helsingiensia 1

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 1
Authors Kari Liukkonen and Arto Mustajoki
Title Доклады финской делегации на IX съезде славистов
Description This volume contains the lectures of the two Finnish scholars at the IX Congress of Slavists in Kiev 1983: Кари Лиукконен: Происхождение отглагольных наречий на –мя and Арто Мустайоки, Системные расхождения в глагольном управлении в русском и финском языках.
Reviewed in The Slavonic and East European Review, 64, 3/1986;
ISBN 951-45-3060-8
Pages 47
Published Helsinki 1983
Availability Out of print
Price N/A