Slavica Helsingiensia 28

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 28 (PDF)
Author Пиркко Пауккери (Pirkko Paukkeri)
Title Реципиент в русском разговоре: о распределении функций между ответами да, ну и так
Description This study investigates actions by recipients in spontaneous Russian conversations by focusing on da, nu, and tak when they are used as responses to the main speaker’s larger on-going turn. The database for the study consists of some seven hours of spontaneous conversations. The use of da, nu, and tak was analyzed by applying the method of ethnomethodological conversation analysis from the point of view of the type of the context, the sequential placement of the response and its manner of production. Ther particles were analyzed both in contexts in which they responded to an informing and in affective contexts.
ISBN 952-10-3075-5 (PDF version: 952-10-3076-3)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 205
Published Helsinki, 2006
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