Slavica Helsingiensia 15

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 15 (PDF)
Author Efim Kurganov
Title Литературный анекдот пушкинской эпохи
Description This monograph is the first attempt to deal with a subject on which no special study has so far been published. Until now Russian anecdote has been researched as a cultural phenomenon by well-known scholars: however, it has not been studied as an integral whole. The need for a synthetic approach has been acutely felt by historians working with early nineteenth century Russian literature: the wide sphere of anecdote comes up constantly in the study of plot structures and poetics of the period. The book presents and analyses groups of anecdotes which are divided into certain cycles. They are presented as complete texts with their rules, characteristic plot structures and poetics. In the research particular attention is paid to methology which aims at opening new perspectives for further study of Pushkin’s period in literature.
Reviewed in Русская мысль 4073/1995
Звезда 6/1995
Slavic and East European Journal, 40, 4/1996
Русская литература 4/1996
ISBN 951-45-6890-7
Pages 278
Published Helsinki 1995
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