Slavica Helsingiensia 29

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 29 (PDF)
Author Johanna Viimaranta
Title Talking About Time in Russian and Finnish
Description This study deals with how time is talked about in Russian and Finnish. The study uses Functional Syntax to investigate what meanings the speakers wish to convey when talking about time, and conceptual metaphor theory to explain why the expression of time are as they are. The analysis is based on a material consisting of more than 2,200 expressions of time.

This study introduces both theoretical and methodological novelties in the nature of material used, in developing empirical methodology for conceptual metaphor studies, in the exactness of defining the limits of different conceptual metaphors, and in seeking unity among the different sides of time.

ISBN 952-10-3290-1 (PDF version: 952-10-3291-X)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 334+124
Published Helsinki, 2006
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