Slavica Helsingiensia 32

Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 32 (PDF)
Editor Juhani Nuorluoto
Title Topics on the Ethnic, Linguistic and Cultural Making of the Russian North. Вопросы этнического, языкового и культурного формирования Русского Севера. Beiträge zur ethnischen, sprachlichen und kulturellen Entwicklung
des russischen Nordens.
Description The present volume contains 13 extensive articles on the ethnic and linguistic making of the Russian North. The articles address diverse questions in the fields of archaeology and history, Finno-Ugric studies, Slavonic studies and Baltic studies. The volume at hand represents a continuation of the conference proceedings volume The Siavicization of the Russian North: Mechanisms and Chronology (Slavica Helsingiensia 27), presenting the results obtained from the Academy-funded project The Ethnic, Linguistic and Cultural Making of the Russian North.
ISBN 978-952-10-4367-3 (PDF version: 978-952-10-4368-0)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 336
Published Helsinki, 2007
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Table of Contents with Links to Individual Articles (PDF)


  • Title [PDF]
  • Preface [PDF]
  • Vorwort [PDF]
  • Предисловие [PDF]
  • Ahlqvist, Arja: The Finno-Ugrian Hydronymic Stem Voi -as a Reflex of the Former Area of Distribution of the Water Chestnut (Trapa natans ) [PDF]
  • Balode, Laimute: Once again on Some Potential Finno-Ugrisms in Latvia [PDF]
  • Касаткин, Л. Л.: Особенности консонантизма говоров Слободского сельсовета Харовского района Вологодской области [PDF]
  • Касаткина, Р.: Псевдоартикль и предартикль в северно-русских говорах [PDF]
  • Koivisto, Andreas: Thoughts on the Karelian Baltic Sea Trade in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries AD [PDF]
  • Kopotev, Mikhail: Where Russian Syntactic Zeros Start: Approaching Finnish? [PDF]
  • Leinonen, Marja: The Filman Sami on the Kola Peninsula [PDF]
  • Mullonen, Irma: Ancient Place Names of Obone ’e in the Context of Ethnic and Linguistic Contacts [PDF]
  • Nuorluoto, Juhani: The Interchangeability of the Graphemes <o> and <ъ> in Old Russian Birchbark Documents: A Graphical Effect or a Reflection of Sound Change in Progress? [PDF]
  • Saarikivi, Janne: Finnic Personal Names on Novgorod BirchBark Documents [PDF]
  • Tvauri, Andres: Migrants or Natives?The Research History of Long Barrows in Russia and Estonia in the 5th –10th Centuries [PDF]
  • Ваахтера, Йоуни: К вопросу об истории гласного о, полногласия и акания в русском языке в свете данных о славянизации Русского Севера [PDF]
  • APPENDIX: Personennamenindex zu Zaliznjak 2004, erstellt von Alexander Sitzmann [PDF]
  • List of Authors [PDF]