Slavica Helsingiensia 26


Volume Slavica Helsingiensia 26 (PDF)
Author Jussi Halla-aho
Title Problems of Proto-Slavic Historical Nominal Morphology. On the Basis of Old Church Slavic
Description This book addresses some of the most disputed issues of Proto-Slavic nominal inflectional morphology. Several of the discussed morphological elements are relevant for the question of whether there was a regular change of the Proto-Indo-European vowel */o/ to Proto-Slavic */u/ in closed final syllables. Special attention is paid to the role that grammatical gender plays in analogical morphological processes. New diachronic solutions are offered, e.g., for the */o/-stem dative singular ending -u, for the masculine-neuter nominative singular ending -y ~ -’ę of the active present participle, and for the nominative-accusative singular form of the Slavic */es/-stem neuters. The material used is mostly drawn from the canonical Old Church Slavic corpus. The book also contains an exhaustive classification of all Old Church Slavic nouns and adjectives according to their historical stem class, gender, and derivational structure.
Reviewed in Kratylos:Kritisches Berichts- und Rezensionsorgan für indogermanische und allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft”. Jahrgang 54, 2009
ISBN 952-10-3012-7 (PDF version: 952-10-3013-5)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 289
Published Helsinki, 2006
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