Slavica Helsingiensia 27

Slavica Helsingiensia 27 (PDF)
Editor Juhani Nuorluoto
Title The Slavicization of the Russian North: Mechanisms and Chronology. Die Slavisierung Nordrusslands: Mechanismen und Chronologie. Славянизация Русского Севера: механизмы и хронология
Description The present volume contains 24 papers that in one way or another address questions related to the mechanisms and chronology of the Slavicization of the nothern regions of present-day Russia. The majority of these contributions is based on the papers read at an international conference, organized by the Academy-funded project The Ethnic, Linguistic and Cultural Making of the Russian North (Academy of Finland, No. 208153), and held at the Biological Station of Helsinki University in Lammi September 22nd–25th 2005.
Reviewed in Finnisch-ugrische Forschungen 57 (2006)
ISBN 952-10-2852-1 (PDF version: 952-10-2928-5)
ISSN 0780-3281
Pages 377
Published Helsinki, 2006
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Table of Contents with Links to Individual Articles (PDF)

  • Title [PDF]
  • Preface [PDF]
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  • Предисловие [PDF]
  • Ahlqvist, Arja: Ancient Lakes in the Former Finno-Ugrian Territories of Central Russia: An Experimental Onomastic Palaeo-geographical Study [PDF]
  • Bjørnflaten, Jan Ivar: Chronologies of the Slavicization of Northern Russia Mirrored by Slavic Loanwords in Finnic and Baltic [PDF]
  • Carpelan, Christian: On Archaeological Aspects of Uralic, Finno-Ugric and Finnic Societies before AD 800 [PDF]
  • Гиппиус, A.A.: Скандинавский след в истории новгородского боярства (в развитие гипотезы А. А. Молчанова оп происхождении посадничьего рода Гюрятиничей Роговичей) [PDF]
  • Helimski, Eugene: The “Northwestern” Group of Finno-Ugric Languages and its Heritage in the Place Names and Substratum Vocabulary of the Russian North [PDF]
  • Holzer, Georg: Methodologische Überlegungen zur Auswertung der slavisch-baltischen und slavisch-finnischen Lehnbeziehungen für die slavische Siedlungs- und Lautgeschichte [PDF]
  • Juškova, M.A.: North-Western Russia before its Settling by Slavs (8 th Century BC – 8 th Century AD) [PDF]
  • Kallio, Petri: On the Earliest Slavic Loanwords in Finnic [PDF]
  • Koivisto, Andreas: Trade Routes and their Significance in the Christianization of Karelia [PDF]
  • Koivulehto, Jorma: Wie alt sind die Kontakte zwischen Finnisch-Ugrisch und Balto-Slavisch? [PDF]
  • Kopotev, Mikhail: The Case of X TAK X: Typological and Historical Context [PDF]
  • Кошкин, Игорь: Проблема относительной хронологии германизмов в языке древнерусских договорных грамот северо-западного ареала [PDF]
  • Крысько, В.Б.: Еще раз об Имоволожи [PDF]
  • Leinonen, Marja: The Russification of Komi [PDF]
  • Lind, John H.: Problems of Ethnicity in the Interpretation of Written Sources on Early Rus’ [PDF]
  • Makarov, N.A.: Cultural Identity of the Russian North Settlers in the 10 th – 13 th Centuries: Archaeological Evidence and Written [PDF]
  • Муллонен, Ирма: Фонетическая интеграция прибалтийско-финской топонимии в русскую топосистему Заонежья [PDF]
  • Nuorluoto, Juhani: Is there a Sound Change of “e > o” in Russian? [PDF]
  • Post, Margje: The Dialect of Varzuga and its Neighbours [PDF]
  • Ritter, Ralf-Peter: Zum finalen Infinitiv im nördlichen Ostseeraum [PDF]
  • Salo, Merja: The Derivational Passive and Reflexive in Mari Grammars [PDF]
  • Sitzmann, Alexander: Altrussische Städtenamen in alt(west)-nordischen Quellen [PDF]
  • Stadnik-Holzer, Elena: Zur Frage nach der Herkunft der sog. postponierten Partikel in den nordrussischen Dialekten [PDF]
  • Uino, Pirjo: The Background of the Early Medieval Finnic Population in the Region of the Volkhov River: Archaeological Aspects [PDF]
  • List of Authors [PDF]