Guiding customers towards more sustainable choices

When was the last time you had a meal outside home? As the trend of eating outside home continues to grow, the role of food service sector in encouraging environmentally friendly behavior in their customers is more significant than ever. In fact, some restaurants actively guide their customers to making more environmentally sustainable choices. Often …

Haasteena arkisen energiankäytön normit

Kulutamme energiaa kaikissa arjen toiminnoissamme: kun pesemme pyykkiä, käymme suihkussa, teemme ruokaa, lämmitämme kotia tai kuljemme töihin. Toistaiseksi ”kestävyys” energiankäytössä on viitannut ennen kaikkea energiatehokkuuteen ja teknologisiin ratkaisuihin, joilla kulutuksemme on voinut jatkua entiseen tapaansa.

Unhappy urbanites?

Sustainability of cities can be measured in multiple ways, and recently, the limelight has been claimed by environmental sustainability, in particular the role of cities in the forefront of climate change actions. However, the definition of sustainability encompasses also economic, social, and sometimes also cultural aspects, and the role cities play in the two latter roles has been less actively discussed.