Tiede2 -ohjelma Lahden vierailusta 2017

International Advanced Water Technologies Centre, IAWTC

Visit of the group of students from St. Petersburg to Lahti 4.-7.9.2017

PROGRAM 4.-7.9.2017

 Monday 4.9.2017

14.09            Allegro in Lahti

Accommodation at the hotel Scandic (Vesijärvenkatu 1)

15.30            Welcome to Lahti –meeting and lunch at the school: Get accounted with the school by Petri Ojala and with each other by the Russian group.

17.00            Introduction to the subjects and themes of the project. Lecture by Petri Ojala, teacher of biology and geography

17.40            Presentation of the project work of the Russian group

18.00            Preparing for the themes of the following days

19:00            Evening meal at the school

Free time (Finnish students will guide Russian students in the city center until 9.00 p.m.)

Tuesday 5.9.2017

Helsinki University/ Department of Environmental Sciences/ LUMA Center Lahti/ Niemi Campus/ Lahti Science and Business Park, Niemenkatu 73

8.30              Departure/ walking from the hotel to the lake Pikku-Vesijärvi

9.00              Samples at the lake Pikku-Vesijärvi

10.00            Making Science – lecture

11.00            Group1: WWF work

Group2: Oxygen lab

12.00            Lunch

13.00            WWF work and oxygen lab

14.00            Oxygen work

15.00            Departure/ walking from the Niemi campus

15.45            Patina recycling center

17.00            Ski Jump Tower

18.30            Dinner at the restaurant RAX

Free time (Finnish students will guide Russian students in the city center until 9.00 p.m.)

Wednesday 6.9.2017

Lammi Biological Station: University of Helsinki, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences

8:00              Breakfast at the hotel

Booking out from the hotel, luggages of the Russian group to the bus

9:00              The bus leaves from the hotel

09:40            Arrival and accommodation at the Lammi biological station

Address: Pääjärventie 320, 16900 Lammi

Program by Petri Ojala, see the attachments in Russian and Finnish

Thursday 7.9.2017, theme: Lahti surroundings and culture

Take with you hiking/ weatherproof clothes, comfortable shoes, ambrella/ raincoat if needed

7:00              Wake up

7:30              Breakfast at the Lammi biological station

Luggages to the bus

8:30              Departure from Lammi

9:00              The terrain of Pirunpesä = Devil`s Nest

Guidance by Noora Kivikko, Lahti University Campus/ LUMA-center

11:45            Departure to the town by bus

12:00            Lunch at the Lyseo

13:00            Tour to the Sibelius Hall

14.00            Free time and walking to the railway station. The taxi takes all luggages from Lyseo to the railway station.

16:47            Allegro to SPb

Saija Tillgren

Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd

Project leader, Growth & Business Services


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