Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Master’s thesis ex­am­iners

These instructions concern the grading of Master’s theses for those students who have started their studies before August 1st 2017.

Master’s theses (40 cr) are examined by two examiners appointed by responsible teacher, one from the department and the other usually from outside it.

Grad­ing of the Mas­ter’s thesis (40 credits)

The Faculty of Biological and Environmental Scienceshas adopted an electronic thesis examination process in E-thesis.

Guidelines for an examiner

The grading of Master’s theses is based on the Faculty’s joint assessment matrix for Master’s theses. The theses are graded on a seven-tier Latin scale. The examiners prepare a written statement on the evaluation, including a proposal for the grade. The statement is prepared on the basis of the evaluation matrix. The Faculty Council decides on the acceptance and the grades of theses. Around a week before the grading performed by the Faculty Council, the student will be notified of the grading criteria and the proposed grade. If there are well-founded reasons, the student may interrupt the grading process at this stage.

Evaluation matrix for Master´s theses (40 cr) (pdf)

These instructions for the Master’s thesis and the grading scale are also to be found in the instructions for students.