Anu Lahtinen: Digital Tools for Popularizing Humanities now online

Presentations on Digital Tools for Popularizing Humanities Research and Teaching are now available via Faculty of Arts YouTube Channel. See, for example, Associate Professor Anu Lahtinen’s presentation on Digestible ICT exercises for history, presenting the Helsinki 1918 Twitter course project, or Associate Professor Josephine Hoegaarts’ and MA Lotta Vuorio’s practical guide on Podcasts instead of essays.


Quoting the YouTube introduction:

ALKU digiloikka organized an event ”Digital Tools for Popularizing Humanities Research and Teaching” in November 2020, presenting four examples of how humanities research and teaching can be enhanced with digital tools and means and brought to larger audiences.

The event combined two main themes which increasingly become interrelated: the popularization of humanities research and teaching, for example via outreach to interested audiences beyond academia, and digital means and tools to do so.

Even before the global pandemic, digital ways of sharing and discussing research results have been explored and increasingly employed – a development which has accelerated with the pandemic and will certainly remain to be relevant.