FOR-263 Operations research in forest resources management (5 op)

    • Period IV, even years.
    • Esitiedot: Introductory course in Operations Research (ME-240) or equivalent.


After completing the course the students are able to model and solve complicated (e.g. multi-objective and/or spatial, dynamic, discrete/continuous) forest resources management or logistics problems using operations research tools.


Linear programming and its extensions (MIP, GP, CP) and heuristic optimization applied to solve multi-objective, dynamic, spatial, discrete/continuous resource management and logistics/transportation problems. Chosen advanced topics such as Markov chains, decision making under uncertainty and value of information are covered.


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    2. Dykstra, D.P. 1984. Mathematical Programming for Natural Resource Management. New York
    3. Wayne L. Winston. 2003. Operations Research: Applications and Algorithms.
    4. Other material assigned to the course.


Participation in teaching. The course can be completed entirely by distance learning.

Arviointimenetelmät ja -kriteerit

Scale 0-5 based on final exam and on-course assignments.


Yliopistonlehtori Veli-Pekka Kivinen.


Teaching in English.

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