FOR-263 (FOR245)

FOR-263 Operations Research in Forest Resources Management (5 op)

  • Target group: MSc students
  • Period IV every even year
  • Edeltävät opinnot: Introductory course in Operations Research (ME-240) or equivalent


The aim of the course is that the students should be able to model and solve complicated (e.g. multi-objective and/or spatial, discrete/continuous) forest resources management problems using operations research tools.


Multi-objective and/or spatial, discrete/continuous problems. Simulation, Markov Chains, linear programming and its extensions (MIP, GP, CP), and heuristic optimization. Decision making under uncertainty using stochastic optimization and the concepts of value of stochastic solution and value of information.

Oppimateriaali ja kirjallisuus

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  2. Dykstra, D.P. 1984.Mathematical Programming for Natural Resource Management. New York
  3. Wayne L. Winston. 2003. Operations Research: Applications and Algorithms.
  4. Other literature given during lectures.


Contact teaching 24 h, Practical work 18 h, Self study 90 h


0-5 based on the written examination and exercises.


Bo Dahlin and Veli-Pekka Kivinen.


Teaching in English. Opetus englanniksi.

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