ME-234 (MARV216)

ME-234 Basics in object-orientated programming in forest sciences (5 op)

  • Spring term, 4th period.
  • Preceding studies: Basic courses in forest technology, wood science, forest mensuration, mathematics and statistics (recommended).


The student will learn basic concepts of programming using primarily the Python language and how to apply those in solving forestry related problems.


Imperative and object-oriented programming. Data structures and algorithms. Monte-Carlo simulation. Lectures, home assignments, self-learning, programming exercices and exam.

Study materials and literature

Lee, K. D. (2010). Python programming fundamentals. Springer. (available as an e-book), lecture notes, Python internet documentation.


Lectures 28 h, assignments and demos 24 h, exam 4 h, independent work 79 h
K28 – H24 – R10 – I79


0-5. Student needs to pass a set of assignments and programming exercises to participate in a written exam.

Responsible person

Yliopistonlehtori Ilkka Korpela.

Other information

The course is limited to a maximum of 24 participants. Priority will be given first to students in Forest sciences degree programme. Teaching in English. Opetus järjestetään englanniksi.

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