ME-204 (GIS101B)

ME-204 / Geoinformatics 1 (5 credits) (online course)

  • Course Code: ME-204
  • Timing: This is an online course thus it can be enrolled and completed at any time.  The registration enrollment is done on the WebOodi / course’s Moodle page.
  • Preceding studies: Basic IT skills are expected, but no preceding studies are required.


The aim of the course is to introduce the student to the basics of geographic information systems and to get acquainted with the ArcGIS software.

After completing the course the student is able to carry out simple GIS analyses and create map visualizations independently. The student is also familiar with the basic concepts and theory of GIS, can produce and find GIS data and is able to assess its quality.


Exercise 1. basics in ArcGIS program
Exercise 2. Data acquisition (PaiTuli), ArcCatalog, Digitization, Visualization
Exercise 3. Table data management
Exercise 4. Coordinate transformations, buffering, queries
Exercise 5. Data quality & Metadata
Exercise 6. Overlay analyses
Exercise 7. Raster analyses, kartografic modelling, Map algebra, Data formats
Exercise 8. Independent exercise Skils/programs: basics of ArcGIS.

Study material and literature

  • 1) John R. Jensen, Ryan R. Jensen: Introductory geographic information systems, Pearson, cop. (2013), Pearson series in geographic information science, Boston (Chap: 1-6, 8-10 & 12)


The course grade is determined according to the exam (50 %) and the practical exercises (50 %). Both will be evaluated on the scale of 0-5. In order to complete the course both the test and the practicals have to be submitted for evaluation and successfully passed.

Other information

The exam will be held in the electronic exam room

Teaching language is English

Responsible person

Prof. Markus Holopainen

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