FOR-283 Open GIS (5 op)

    • Online course available in all periods..
    • Esitiedot: Basic studies/courses in geoinformatics e.g., ME-203/ME-204 & ME-230.


After completing this course, the student understands the principles and building blocks of spatial data infrastructures and is familiar with their role in society. The student is able to find open spatial data and assess its quality as well as create metadata and publish spatial data openly using open source software. The student is also familiar with the basic concepts of web mapping and understands the principles of open data standards and licensing of geographic information.


The course introduces the student to the basic concept and possibilities of open geographic information, open source GIS software and applications and spatial data infrastructures. The theoretical background is studied from course materials and scientific literature while the practicals provide hands-on approaches to the course topics.


Completion of the course exercises, course report and exam.

Arviointimenetelmät ja -kriteerit

The grade is based on the course report and exam, evaluated on scale 0-5.


Professori Markus Holopainen


Teaching language English.

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