Practice teacher training

Practice teachers in social work have been trained at the University of Helsinki since 2000 as part of social work education. The education is professional continuing education. Over 200 practice teachers have been trained so far, and there is a constant demand for the training due to employees’ job rotation and retirement.

The training strengthens the participants’ expertise, supports the development of new professional practices and work models, and introduces the latest research and knowledge production in social work. The content includes such topics as expertise in social work, guidance promoting learning, and practice teaching as part of social worker’s work. Providing guidance to a social work student is an essential part of the training.

The practice teacher training in social work constitutes 5 + 5 ECTS credits. It is arranged as a cooperation between the Heikki Waris Institute and the discipline of social work at the University of Helsinki’s Department of Social Research. The training is intended for social workers who are engaged in client work and have a social worker qualification as well as two years of work experience.

For further information on the training, please see the Socca website.