Past programs

Multifaceted social work (2017-2018)


Preventing intergenerational social exclusion (2014-2016)

The University of Helsinki and municipalities in the Helsinki metropolitan area agreed to adopt the prevention of intergenerational social exclusion as the first theme of Praxis activities in 2014–2016. Issues related to this theme are a big challenge for the development of municipal social services as well as for teaching client work and research skills to university students. The theme is addressed in the context of client work with the tools of university teaching, development and research – by integrating it into practice teaching in social work in the learning assignments of the various courses (K1–K5). The objectives include cumulative knowledge and competence, effective client work practices and skilful social workers committed to their work.

A common data bank

To support the Praxis activities, a research data bank on the theme of intergenerational social exclusion has been created on the Socca website, particularly related to the latest research. The data bank is open for everyone, but it is especially useful for experts and students.