Praxis network in the Helsinki metropolitan area


Steering network / Ohjausverkosto

The Praxis activities are steered by a network that consists of representatives of the cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen and Vantaa as well as the Helsinki University Hospital, representatives of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and the Kalliola Settlement, as well as of teachers from the University of Helsinki. The steering network provides guidelines for the Praxis activities, suggests common R&D policies and highlights topical themes for enhancing professional competence. The steering network meets four times a year. It is chaired by Mirja Satka and coordinated by Jenika Heinonen.


PraxisMakers / PraksisTekijät

The PraxisMakers are social workers in charge of Praxis activities in municipalities and social work teachers at the University of Helsinki. They plan the implementation of courses in social work practice teaching and research, look for teaching posts and develop the activities. The PraxisMakers are an operational group that works based on shared responsibility in order to implement the Praxis goals. The members collect and share information on professional development needs, highlight special needs in their own municipalities, make proposals for development and create ideas for new forms of operation in order to advance teaching, research and development. The PraxisMakers meet about eight times a year. The chairmanship rotates, and the activities are coordinated by Jenika Heinonen.


Practice teachers / Käytännönopettajat

Practice teachers are the key persons in the practice teaching of social work. A long, practical course (Asiakastyön taidot ja ammatilliset valmiudet / Professional skills) is tutored by social workers who have completed teacher training for social work practice. The trained teachers participate in network meetings, at which practice teaching is developed.