I am Sophy Bergenheim, a historian specialised in welfare state history and intellectual and conceptual history. My research interests include knowledge and expertise, social inequality and social policy, gender history, history of medicine and health, urban history and housing policy as well as non-governmental organisations.

I am currently finalising my doctoral dissertation in political history entitled For the People, Society and Nation. Finnish Social Welfare and Health Organisations as Social Reformers in the 1930s–1960s (in Finnish) at the University of Helsinki, Finland. In my research, I look at the intertwined relationship between knowledge and politics: I study NGOs as public policy experts and actors during the early development of the Finnish welfare state. My research has been funded by Kone Foundation, the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland and the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland.

I am also a researcher in the project ‘Politics of reproduction, sexual health professionals and individual experiences in post-war Finland – a collaborative project of historians and comics artists’ (2018–2020, PI Senior Lecturer Hanna Kuusi), funded by Kone Foundation.

This is my personal blog, entitled (in Finnish) If I were the dictator of the world. I mostly post about social issues and historical research, but entries include texts about various topics, some more serious, some more tongue-in-cheek. Most posts deal with Finland-specific topics and hence are in Finnish, but I also write in English about more general topics.

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