Feedback from students

Students experiences about HILMA courses in spring term 2019…

”I think that the choice of the academic articles was really good and made the topic even more interesting.”

”I think the materials were great and there were plenty of them. They had a broad range, so you got good overview of the field.

Actually, I think the course itself has no problem, it’s already really good, with good instructions and contributive instructors, nice group members, enough and high-quality articles and other materials like weblink and thought-provoking videos.”

I think this was a good example how to plan and execute a webcourse. Everybody had to take part which was a good thing.”

I really enjoy to have the planning in advance to organize myself and thanks to that I can take the good time for this course. Also I really like how each week were organized with two days to read and three days to answer.”

” As I am not the type of person that likes to read in the free time, it works well for me when I am obligated to read. Therefore, having specific readings every week was very good. Also the instructions were very clear and it was good to work individually because as it is an online course, I think it would be very difficult to do group work

I really want to emphasize the importance and significance of the groupwork included in the course. Also, I’ve really enjoyed the multidimensionality/multimodality this course has offered. The material offered has very well functioned as an encouragement/prompt to search for further information on interesting and topical issues in my leisure time as well.”

”I started on from zero and I feel good overall since I think the progress in my way of thinking is visible; thanks to the mostly discussion based-format of the course. Having experienced this course I feel like I’ve learned about a lot of varying topical issues! I never understood gender studies actually intersect with about everything that’s around us. Even though it’s a cliché, I also learned a lot about myself, my own ideologies and identity.”

.. and fall 2019

”I really enjoyed this course. I found the provided articles quite interesting, even when I found them ”lacking” or quite not something that I expected from the subject. However, I do feel like I learned something from each article, even if I had already been aware of the issues that they addressed.”

”About the contents itself, it was interesting and gave me the new perspective. Before taking this course, I thought fashion as practical thing, so analyze it from academic aspect was new for me.”

What I liked most about the course were the articles. All of them were very informative and they helped me not only to get to know some issues I have not dealt with before, but also to get a new perspective on the topics I already worked with. I feel like I made a progress and gained a lot of new knowledge.”

The articles were really interesting every week. I liked that they were diverse and I felt like they were very carefully selected for the purposes of this course. What I especially liked was that we also had a documentary as a study material. Reading is a great way for learning and articles are a must in a university setting, but changing the medium once in a while keeps things interesting and provides a nice change. Writing in English each week was something different and challenging, which was also nice.”

Trying to express my thoughts in English felt sometimes quite hard and heavy, but this was a very good and quite safe place to learn. Thank you for creating an open-minded atmosphere even though this was a web course. The introduction task of the first week was important in creating this good atmosphere, I guess.”

Thank you for an inspiring course! I think the discussion groups have been a great way to go about with the topics each week.  I have learned a lot from the different examples that have been presented in the Group.”

In my opinion the discussion groups worked well, and I feel like I learned a lot from reading other people’s thoughts. Had this been a traditional lecture course, I definitely wouldn’t have learned so much and heard about so many new ideas and phenomena.”

The discussions were absolutely the right choice for this course. Had it been just the reading and a learning diary for each week, for example, I wouldn’t have gotten everything out of this course. It was interesting (and educating) to hear others’ thought on the matters and I got some new perspectives.”

I really loved the feedback that the teacher gave in particular. They pushed my thinking and that was very useful”

” You can learn from each others opinion and your group members make you aware of point of views that you maybe did not think of yourself.”

” I learned a lot from the discussion because people come from different cultural backgrounds. What they shared are really impressive to me and fresh to me.”