Information for Students

Hilma’s courses are open for all the students and exchange students of the partner universities. Most of the courses are advanced undergraduate or graduate level courses, meaning Bachelor (Candidate’s) or Master’s; programme (not Doctoral phase). Please agree with the course contact person of your university on the details of the registration preferably prior to the course start. We have also some courses, which can be studied independently any time.

You can find information on the upcoming courses on Hilma’s website (see courses in English or all the upcoming courses) or by following Hilma on Facebook. Information on the courses will also be updated in the facebook group of the gender studies students in Finland, the national e-mail list of gender research and the websites of the partner universities.

Applications to the courses are made online and the link to an application form is given in the course description. Please be prepared to inform the stage of your studies as well as to shortly describe your motivation to participate in the course in the application. In case there are more applicants than can be accepted into the course, the number of completed studies in gender studies as well as student’s own motivation and objectives for the course are emphasized in the selection. Registration for the courses is binding.

There are generally clearly more applicants than can be admitted to a course, so it is important for the accepted students to commit themselves in completing the course. Webcourses are often quite time-consuming, so please be sure to reserve enough time for them. Collaborative learning, peer learning and support from the other students play an important role in webcourses, so please be prepared to share your time and thoughts with your co-students.

Courses usually have final essey or paper, which –  courses in English – will be written in English regardless of student´s mother tongue. The teacher will help you with subject matter of the course. in Moodle area you can send questions and get advice from your teacher.

The information on the completion of a course will be informed to your home university and student register in two months from the end of the course. Please be in contact with the contact person of your university on the study unit into which you want to register the course.