Veikko Eranti


Assistant Professor of Urban Sociology

I am co-director of the Centre for Sociology of Democracy, one of the editors-in-chief of European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology, and a member of the academic steering group of the Urban Studies and Planning Master’s degree program. I am also affiliated with the Urbaria institute for Urban and Regional Research.

In my spare time, I moonlight as a senior expert at think tank Demos Helsinki and as a member of the board for Greenpeace Nordic. These might affect how you evaluate things I say in public.

My current main research project is called Total Democracy and the Parademocratic system. Quite catchy, isn’t it? We look at Finnish housing companies, large customer co-operatives and the church as parts of our democratic system. The project is very much on-going and is funded by the Kone Foundation.

Research interests: urban sociology, political sociology, “new French pragmatism”, sociological theory, social media, participation, democracy, power. Contact me at

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