Where is the help and support for research data management?

The digital environment requires new skills from researchers. For example, a researcher has to understand the complexities of the relevant legislation, or know how to choose suitable IT solutions to keep their data secure. Fortunately, researchers are not left to navigate these issues alone, as we have several services available for data management.

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Effective research data management? – DMP to the rescue!

Data management planning (DMP) is too often considered a burden and a bureaucratic procedure. However, a data management plan is a useful tool that helps researchers prepare more effectively for the research process and identify the potential risks. DMP also has significant pedagogical potential and, in collaboration with DMP organisations, can develop the infrastructure and services needed to conduct research.

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Why plan research data management in advance?

Every aspect of research data management (RDM) is equally important and all parts of the process need to be properly discussed and planned. Poor data management planning (DMP) is a risk that can potentially cause problems for the research project. This fourth section of the ”Know your data” article series highlights the importance of planning ahead.

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The components of research data management

The key components of research data management (RDM) consist of the following: knowing and describing your data, following ethical and legal principles, and understanding the workflows related to securing, storing, sharing, archiving, opening, and publishing your data. Here, we take a closer look at these RDM components and their relationship with the scientific research process and the basic services provided by a researcher’s home organisation.

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