Increasing research diversity highlights the importance of responsible researcher evaluation

In recent years, the Research Council of Finland has been a pioneer in developing research assessment towards responsible and qualitative evaluation. For researchers, this cultural change in evaluation has been reflected in, among other things, a reduction in the emphasis on citation metrics and a greater emphasis on qualitative evaluation of research outputs and career paths. What has led to the introduction of responsible and qualitative evaluation, how is it implemented in practice and how will it be further developed? Authors from the Research Council, Kata-Riina Valosaari, Counsellor of Science, and Riitta Maijala, Vice President for Research, address these questions in their article.

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Open science and qualitative research evaluation

”Responsible research evaluation must look past abstract quantitative indicators and examine research in its true context, which requires qualitative research evaluation approaches and methods.” In this blog article, Joona Lehtomäki, a science adviser at the division of strategic research at the Academy of Finland (Research Councils Finland), writes about research evaluation, role of metrics, impact of research, open science and the qualitative turn in research evaluation. Lehtomäki also outlines what would a turn towards more contextualized and qualitative research evaluation mean in practice.

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