What kind of support does the University of Helsinki offer in open access fees?

A significant part of the University of Helsinki’s open access funding is centralised in the library, which offers UH researchers two ways to get support for open access fees (article processing charge, APC). Support can be obtained either through journal subscription deals agreed by the library or directly from the centralised APC funding. These are the two main pathways, in addition to which individual faculties can provide support.

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Once a researcher has selected an open access publication channel, he or she may have to pay an open access fee (article processing charge, APC) for publication. At the University of Helsinki, a researcher can receive support for open access fees in two ways – the options are also presented in the APC guide, where you will find the most up-to-date information.

First, the researcher can take advantage of open access agreements included in the library’s journal subscriptions – they include both free of charge publishing opportunities and discounts for researchers. On the library’s webpage, you will find the current contract situation and publisher-specific instructions for covering the open access fee. Currently, the contracts cover journals from Elsevier, Oxford University Press, Sage, SpringerNature, Taylor & Francis and Wiley, among others. If you have any questions about author fees, please contact the library: hulib-apc@helsinki.fi.

Second, a researcher can apply for funding in support of an APC from a fund managed by the library (see news on funding). This option is intended primarily for researchers whose research funding does not include the cost of open access publishing. Funding is applied for using the online form, and the application will be processed during the next business day. Criteria for receiving funding are:

Funding from the faculty? Plan S?

In addition to the main funding options described above, the researcher can also receive support for open access publishing from his or her own faculty. The APC guide contains information related to a few faculties, but the most up-to-date situation with instructions can be found in your own faculty.

The cost of open access publications is also increasingly being taken into account in research funding, as many research funders require immediate open access to research results. For example, cOAlition S research funders have pledged in Plan S to cover the costs of open access publishing. The Academy of Finland, one of the Plan S funders, provides guidance on funding on its own website.

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