Is your data safely stored? Aleksi Husso’s Data Cleaning Week challenge

University of Helsinki researcher Aleksi Husso is challenging all doctoral students at the University of Helsinki to check the efficiency and security of their data management routines during the Data Cleaning Week. UH Data Support’s Data Cleaning Week will be held from 16th to 20th December 2019.

(Tämä artikkeli on saatavilla myös suomeksi.)

University of Helsinki researcher Aleksi Husso (TUHAT) works as a doctoral student at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine on the Viikki campus. He researchs mammalian microbial interactions and his research data consists of large amounts of sequencing data.

”When the data is analyzed several times in different ways, it is challenging to manage different versions and scripts. This has affected the research, so that it is sometimes hard to find the right file or the data that has been treated in a certain way,” Husso says.

”During Data Cleaning Week, I challenge myself to make sure that all of the data I process is backed up in at least two different locations. I also challenge all doctoral students to check that the valuable data is not stored solely on your personal computers and to backup it to another location if necessary.”

Participate in Data Cleaning Week!

Take the challenge and participate in the Data Cleaning Week by posting a picture of your cleaning effort to Twitter by using the hashtag #5sdata. The picture can be about folder structure, new file naming system for your group, space created by cleaning – you name it! Remember to challenge your colleagues too!

You can also participate in Data Cleaning Week by sending an email to Data Support: We convey your message through the Think Open blog, Twitter and web site.