The open science annual review summarizes the main topics for 2019

Plan S, national open science coordination, EOSC… Last year was an eventful time in open science. Think Open blog’s annual open science review 2019 brings together the highlights, interesting articles and trends of the 2019.

(Tämä artikkeli on saatavilla myös suomeksi.)

In many ways, 2019 was an active year in the field of open science. In Finland, the national Open Science Coordination continued its work towards national policies and recommendations. Internationally, the implementation of the ambitious Plan S, sparked by the major European science funders (cOAlition S), was postponed by one year. The Open Science Annual Review 2019 brings these and other key issues together.

The annual review 2019 is aimed at all researchers, and it also serves as a good reading list for other people working in science. This time, the annual review is published as an issue of the Think Open Digest journal, as a collection of texts, research articles, reports and policy papers published online during 2019. The 14 main articles are divided into four sections: domestic and foreign affairs, open science trends and research on open science. There are still more to read in the summaries of the main articles.

The editorial board of the Open Science Annual Review included Markku Roinila, Mika Holopainen, Kimmo Koskinen, Pauli Assinen and Juuso Ala-Kyyny. We thank Mikael Laakso for the consultation in both annual and semi-annual reviews.