The current situation of open access publishing and other perspectives on open science – an overview of the blog articles from the turn of the year

At the turn of the year, the Think Open blog has published a diverse selection of articles on the openness of science from different angles. Below is a brief overview of the latest blog articles.

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The future of open access publishing

Reforming the research evaluation

  • What is responsible and qualitative researcher evaluation and how is it done in practice? The Research Council of Finland is a pioneer in this type of evaluation, and with the CoARA collaboration, others in Finland will soon follow – including the University of Helsinki.
  • What do we value in the work of researchers? asks Toma Susi, associate professor at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Vienna, in a perspective originally aimed at students. The text sets out the starting points for a reform of research evaluation.

Open science annual review 2023

  • The first part of the Open science annual review summarises the domestic open science policies for 2023. It also picks out the key news from the past year and offers some reading tips on topics such as the open access situation in China, data discoverability and reputation management for scientific publishers, in particular MDPI.

University of Helsinki’s publishing services

Research data management

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