What does RDM and DMP aim for – learn the basics from Think Open Digest special issue

The new issue of Think Open Digest concentrates on the basics of research data management (RDM) and data management planning (DMP). ”Know Your Data” contains six articles and is aimed at all researchers – especially those who doubt the usefulness of RDM and DMP.

(Tämä artikkeli on saatavilla myös suomeksi.)

Research data management (RDM) skills are fundamental skills for researchers and RDM is a crucial part of any research. RDM makes the research process efficient and helps a researcher to meet the requirements of her or his organisation and research funders. Thus, by learning RDM, you get to KNOW YOUR DATA!

In Think Open blog series ”Know your data”, the University of Helsinki Data Support team introduced the key components of RDM and data management planning (DMP): what they are, why they are important, and where to look for more help with RDMP (research data management planning) issues.

The series comprises six parts, and it is now available also as a special issue of the Think Open Digest journal: Know Your Data – Research Data Management (RDM) (1/2021).