Open Science blog overview: August/September 2022

The topics of the Think Open blog in August and September 2022 were related to the early history of open science in the 1980s and 1990s and the DMP summer of 2022 – the blog also published half-year summaries of the open science news 2022.

(Tämä artikkeli on saatavissa myös suomeksi.)

Open science reviews

  • The first part of the half-year review 2022 of open science (in Finnish) summarises the national guidelines and recommendations published this year. The national Open science and research (OScAR) coordination has worked on themes related to open scholarship culture, open education, open books and research methods.
  • The second part of the half-year review 2022 of open science (in Finnish) goes through news and reading tips. In addition to the latest news from the Plan S and the Academy of Finland, the themes include e.g. research evaluation, diamond open access publishing, the role of learned societies and the difficulties when opening research data.

Pioneers of open science

  • How did open access become a normal practice in physics? Katri Huitu, professor of particle physics phenomenology, was the third ever to publish an article in the arXiv in 1991. In the blog interview (in Finnish), she talks about the early history of open access and the publishing culture of her field.
  • In linguistics, ideas close to open access started to take shape already in the 1970s. Terttu Nevalainen, professor emerita of English philology, has been compiling text corpora since the 1980s, and in this interview (in Finnish) she explains how open materials became a central part of research practices in linguistics.

Open access

  • What path does the book take to the Helda Open Books collection? The book Tieteidenvälisillä poluilla (On interdisciplinary paths) found its final form after many stages, and in a blog article (in Finnish) the authors tell the story of the book. The book, which is intended to support thesis supervision, was published in August 2022.

Research data management

  • ”The purpose of DMP is not to say what some others want to hear, but to speak the truth.” In the fifth part of his blog series (in Finnish) on research data management, Aleksi Peura goes through the observations he made when reviewing University of Helsinki’s researchers’ data management plans (DMP) during the summer 2022.

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