Helda Open Books provides an open publishing venue for researchers and teachers

University of Helsinki’s open monograph service, Helda Open Books, launched last year, boosts the availability and visibility of scientific publications. The current theme is to improve the access to textbooks through open publishing venue.

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University of Helsinki researcher or teacher, are you looking for an open publishing channel for your book? One option is Helda Open Books.

Helda Open Books is a collection of open monographs and a publication service for researchers and teachers at the University of Helsinki. The library is responsible for the service and advises on publishing, which is free of charge for authors.

Helda Open Books publishes a wide range of works related to research and teaching in various disciplines, such as textbooks, classics from different disciplines, edited books and books in honour.

The publishing service aims to promote the availability and societal impact of scientific works. The lockdown period caused by the coronavirus has shown that special attention needs to be paid to the availability of textbooks. The library team is striving to find UH authors’ textbooks that include in the degree requirements – and teachers’ tips are also welcome.

Helda Open Books is part of University of Helsinki’s open digital Helda repository, serving as its showcase collection. The books selected for the collection are subject to editorial evaluation, but peer-review is not included in the service. Information on the criteria for the books can be found in the guide.

Special attention has been paid to the dissemination of publications. In addition to an open CC license, publications also receive a DOI (digital object identifier), which increases their global visibility. Publications are actively marketed and they will be described in databases. Publications are indexed by search engines, and they stand out very well, for example, in Google search results. Download and altmetric data (Altmetric, PlumX) is available for each publication. In addition to the dissemination, preservation has also been taken into account: Helda repository offers a stable storage for publications.

Helda Open Books is part of University of Helsinki’s open publishing service infrastructure, which includes Helsinki University Press, a scholarly open access publisher of peer-reviewed books and journals, and Editori, a service for publishing open journals.

For more information on the Helda Open Books publishing service, see the guide or contact: heldaopenbooks@helsinki.fi.