Make a better data management plan with UH DataSupport!

University of Helsinki DataSupport will help researchers again this year in preparing data management plans (DMPs), which have become mandatory when applying for funding from Academy of Finland. DataSupport’s services consist of workshops that are held at all campuses as well as of DMP commenting service, which is open until 19th of September.

(Tämä postaus on luettavissa myös suomeksi.)

University of Helsinki DataSupport’s data management plan (DMP) commenting service for the Academy of Finland Fall 2018 call is up and running. More than 20 plans have already been commented and if the direction of incoming plans keeps the same, the amount of commented plans will grow from last year. Last year UH DataSupport commented almost 100 DMPs, which represented all different branches of science.

Support for making DMPs is provided both at workshops and as commenting service. In the workshops researchers can develop their own DMPs with guidance from specialist from library and UH IT services. DMPTuuli (, a tool developed especially for making data management plans, will be used at the workshops. The times when the workshops are organized and enrollment forms can be found from this website:

Researchers can also send their DMPs to commenting service either direct from the DMPTuuli- web application or to The plans will be commented in the order they arrive and the service is open until the 19th of September.


Tips about the most commented subjects in DMPs to check from your own plan:

  • Are sensitivity issues properly taken into account? Who is the registry keeper and who controls access to the data?
  • Is data ownership clear and written agreements done?
  • If data is opened, how will it be licensed?
  • If data cannot be opened, metadata should still always be open.

If these points are taken care of in your DMP, send it already today for comments!

A blog post with ten tips for writing a brilliant DMP was already published here in the beginning of August, go check them out as well!