Open Science blog articles from late spring and early autumn

Between May and September 2023, the Think Open blog has focused on topics such as responsible research, the situation of domestic scientific journals and the openness of publications at the University of Helsinki.

(Tämä artikkeli on saatavissa myös suomeksi.)

Open Science overviews

  • The first part of the open science mid-year overview sums up what’s happening in Finland. National Open science and research (AVOTT) network has published, among other things, a policy on openness of research methods and guidelines for implementing FAIR principles in research. >>> Read the article (in Finnish)
  • The second part of the mid-year review includes news and reading recommendations, and it covers topics such as the EU statement on scientific publishing, the impact of the new copyright law on research and the state of the library consortium’s journal negotiations. >>> Read the article (in Finnish)

Responsible research

  • How are research ethics and open science related? Both are needed if we want responsible science, reliability and transparency in research, writes Simo Kyllönen in his article. >>> Read the article (in Finnish)

Finnish journals and open access

  • Should research organisations fund domestic scientific journals? A funding proposal from the national working group was published in August and will be open for comment during the autumn. In an interview, Emilia Palonen, researcher and chair of the working group, explains the proposal. >>> Read the article (in Finnish)
  • Finnish scientific journals are increasingly going open access. How has this affected the publishing practices and reception of journals – and what difficulties has open access brought? The editors of five journals share their experiences. >>> Read the article (in Finnish)

Open access at the UH

  • More than 80% of the research articles published by the University of Helsinki are already openly available. Openness has developed in all faculties in recent years. This development has been accelerated by the self-archiving campaigns carried out by the library and the faculties. The blog article describes the trends in open access at the UH over the course of four self-archiving campaigns. >>> Read the article (in Finnish)

Think Open revisited

Blog posts from the opening month of Think Open blog – May 2018 – reviewed during the five-year anniversary week:

  • ”The battle over data has begun – Jouko Väänänen and Mikko Tolonen discuss digitalisation and open science” (7.5.2018). Mikko Tolonen, associate professor of digital humanities, emphasises the importance of practical solutions in promoting open science. >>> Read the article
  • ”Data is on its ways to a recognized research output – the roadmap guides towards better research data citation practices” (23.5.2018) What has happened to the data citation roadmap and what is the role of recommendations in open science in general? Interview with Susanna Nykyri, chief specialist at the Tampere University. >>> Read the article
  • ”Avoimen tieteen ohjelma julki – TSV saa kansallisen koordinoijan roolin” (Open science programme launched – TSV takes on national coordinating role; 29.5.2018). National Open science and research (AVOTT) network has energetically carried out open science programme – only the funding is still an open question, says Ilmari Jauhiainen, an expert in the AVOTT secretariat, in an interview. >>> Read the article

Previous Think Open monthly overviews can be found on the blog.