New Editori service for open access publishing and teaching will be launched in the spring 2019

Editori brings new opportunities for scientific publishing as well as in teaching and learning. As an open access publishing and editing tool, Editori also supports open science practices at the University of Helsinki.

(This is the abstract of the original post in Finnish.)

Editori is the latest addition to the open science services provided by the Helsinki University Library. The service will be launched during this spring.

Editori is a scientific publishing and editing tool, but it is also suitable for teaching and learning purposes. Through this, Editori also supports the establishment of open science practices at the University of Helsinki – this is an important goal that has also been identified in European research universities.

As an open access publishing platform and as a tool for editorial work, Editori is aimed at scientific journals run by the researchers. Editori is also suitable for student-led journals with academic content. As an educational tool, Editori opens up new opportunities for teaching. With Editori you can rehearse editing, proofreading, peer-reviewing and other scientific publishing practices. Editori can also be used for commenting and sharing – and also publishing – seminar papers.

”This service has true potential”

Editori has been tested out and piloted since last year. As a teaching tool, Editori is currently piloted by the Doctoral Programme in Philosophy, Arts, and Society. The tool has been used for peer-reviewing and dissemination of seminar presentations.

José Filipe Silva, Associate Professor in Theoretical Philosophy and Director of the Doctoral Programme in Philosophy, Arts and Society, welcomes Editori.

”Like with all new services, there has been a steep learning curve, but the Helsinki University Library’s team of experts have been quick and efficient in addressing all our queries. Our students have been successful – without major issues – in submitting their manuscripts. This service has true potential. I hope this cooperation will continue and intensify in the future”, Silva says.

Internationally well-known publishing tool

Editori service is provided by the Helsinki University Library, which guides and supports the use of the tool. Editori service is for University of Helsinki’s students and personnel (including related persons), and the use is free of charge.

Editori service is using the Open Journal Systems (OJS) software. OJS is a journal management and publishing system that is widely used in open access publishing at various universities and by multiple publishers (e. g., management and publishing service for Finnish scholarly journals).

Got interested in Editori? Or would you like to know more about the service? If you are a student, teacher or researcher at the University of Helsinki, please contact us and let us know your questions about Editori: