Amazing Race in English

Text and photos by Jenni Räsänen

On Thursday 7th of April we got a group of 5th graders from the Internalional School of Vantaa. The students were really excited about the visit. We had planned a tricky math race for them. It’s called Amazing Race of Math.

In the race the teams needed to find all ten check points hidden in the campus and to solve the problems. The teams got a map where the check points were marked.

The rules of the race are:

  1. If a team should get lost or doesn’t know what to do next, the team must go back to Math Classroom Origo.
  2. There can be only one team at a control point at a time!
  3. The control point must be left in a same condition as it was when the team arrived.
  4. All the answers to the questions on the control points must be documented with the iPad as a video or a photo.
  5. The teams have 60 minutes to find and solve the problems. The team must come back to Origo even if they haven’t had the time to go to every control point.

There were many different kind of problems and puzzles, for example Tower of Hanoi, Bridge Rally of Königsberg, Pentominoes and some Match Problems.

Here are some answers to the problems:

The Bridge Rally of Königsberg.
Pentomino Tower.
Match Problem.

Maybe a little bit more time would have been needed to solve all the problems but the teams did really good. And what was most important, they had fun!


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