Copy of the Visit From Three Weeks Ago

Text by Emma Karjalainen and Jenni Räsänen
Photo by Jenni Räsänen

Three weeks ago we had a visiting group of fifth graders from the International school of Vantaa. The teacher had advertised their visit at the school and soon we got a contact from a teacher of another fifth grade. She also wanted  the Amazing Race of Math for her class.

So we were happy to organize the race for this group. We had all the puzzles ready to go and the visit was a real success.  Pupils were amazingly fast solving all the problems and they were a little bit exhausted after running around the stairs between four floors.

The check-points were hidden on four floors in Exactum.

Some of the fastest teams had also time to play some math games on iPad. For example Rush Hour was so popular game that some of the students thought that they could download it to their own phones.


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