David Huisjen

MTh, doctoral student, teacher of religion

Adopted Finn, originally from the United States, heavily active in student organizational matters throughout the nineties, since then working as an international school teacher for the city of Espoo. Doctoral studies begun in January 2013 on the use of religious values in Western political processes. Current working title for my thesis isThe Christian Theocratic Impulse in the Twenty-first Century”.

Interests related to my work and research include global political concerns, practical philosophy, postmodern social theory, ecumenical studies, inter-faith relations, religious tolerance, education in moral values and thinking skills, American Evangelicalism, modern Catholic thought, modern Calvinist thought, sociology of religion, cultural anthropology, social justice issues, post-colonial theory, youth research and numerous points in between.

Blog: http://huisjenphilosophy.wordpress.com

Contact information: david.huisjen [at] helsinki.fi, dhuisjen2 [at] gmail.com,  +35850-358 1395