Marko Ikonen Ikonen_Marko

MTh, College Teacher of Religion, Psychology and Philosophy, Clinical Supervisor in the educational field, doctoral student

Research subject: Clinical Supervision – praxis and trust ongoing interactivity. Researching background dispositions and the interactivity of praxis with the conceptual analysis method.

Contact: marko.ikonen [at], +358-503456063

Track: Conceptual Ethics

Kaisa Iso-Herttua

MTh, doctoral student

Research subject: Religious Toleration in the 21th -century England and Finland: Analysis in a Lockean Perspective

Track: Religion and Ethics

Contact:  kaisa.iso-herttua [at],  +35850 3223474

 Eriikka Jankko Eriikka Jankko

MTh, pastor, doctoral student

Research subject: The Valuable Child – The Child in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland

Track: Religion and Ethics

Contact: eriikka.jankko [at], LinkedIn

Taina Kalliokoski Taina_Kalliokoski

MTh, doctoral student

Research subject: Boundaries of communality from the perspectives of cooperation and human good. A conceptual analysis.

Track: Conceptual Ethics

Contact: taina.kalliokoski [at], TUHAT-database, LinkedIn

Noora Koivulahti

MTh, doctoral student

Research subject:

Contact: noora.koivulahti [at]

Toni Koivulahti Koivulahti Toni

MTh, doctoral student

Research subject: Religion and violence in postmodern social theory.

Track: Religion and Ethics

Contact: toni.koivulahti [at]

 Karoliina Nikula Karoliina Nikula


Research subject: Health care ethics.

Track: Bioethics
Publications and Activity: TUHAT-database

Contact: karoliina.nikula [at]

Suvielise Nurmi SuvieliseNurmi

MTh, educator (Church youth work personnel) and researcher

Research interest: Environmental philosophy, metaethics and philosophical anthropology

Tracks: Conceptual Ethics and Religion and Ethics
Publications and Activity:

Contact: suvielise.nurmi [at], +358 40 5818144 

Marja-Riitta Ojala Marja-Riitta_Ojala

MTh, doctoral student, pastor

Research subject: Central human capabilities and their conversion into forms of work in Finnish social work

Track: Conceptual Ethics

Contact: ojalamarjariitta [at], +358405662740

Ilse PaakkinenPaakkinen_Ilse

Doctor of Theology

Research interests: Gender issues; Medieval theories of origins of laws; Philosophical Argumentation Between the Representatives of Different Religion

Track: History of Social Ethics

Contact: Ilse.paakkinen [at],


Isto Peltomäki

Isto Peltomäki

MTh, doctoral student

Research subject:

Track: Conceptual Ethics

Contact: isto.peltomaki [at],  +358449739948

 Sari Sarlio-Siintola

MSc, MTh, doctoral student; Senior Lecturer, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Research subject: Philosophical foundations and the moral justification of well-being service innovations with and for the elderly

Publications and Activity: TUHAT

Contact: sari.sarlio-siintola [at], sari.sarlio [at], +35840 513 9118 

 Mari Stenlund Mari Stenlund

Doctor of Theology, Bachelor of Social Services (and diaconia)

Research interests: Interdisciplinary challenges concerning the relationships between mental health, religion and human rights

Tracks: Religion and Ethics, Bioethics

Publications and Activity: TUHAT-database

Contact: mari.stenlund [at], +358-044 2841309

Markku Valtanen Markku Valtanen


Publications and Activity: TUHAT

Contact: markku.valtanen [at]

Eeva-Mari Virtanen

MTh, doctoral student

Research interests: robot ethics, selfhood, consciousness, free will, compassion, Buddhism, mimetic theory

Contact: eeva-mari.virtanen[at]