Conceptual Ethics

As part of practical philosophy, ethics employs philosophical methods and conceptualization in the study of social phenomena. An important part of social ethics is the analysis and formulation of concepts that are needed in the study of morally relevant social circumstances and events.

There are two types of conceptual analysis. First, the analysis is applied to terms that people use to refer to social phenomena. What are the different meanings attached to the terms? Are there specific conceptual prerequisites that govern the right use of such words? Second, social ethics formulates novel concepts with the help of which social problems and moral issues can be described and conceived.

Political and social disputes highlight the importance of conceptual clarity; it is impossible even to discourse meaningfully without such a basis. By clarifying and developing concepts, social ethics engages in the theory formation of political sciences and contributes to public discussion.

Experts:  Jaana Hallamaa, Marko Ikonen, Taina Kalliokoski, Suvielise Nurmi, Marjo-Riitta Ojala, Isto Peltomäki, Johanna Väyrynen