Section 2.1 exercises

EXERCISE 1 – Password management

  1. Ponder whether the passwords you use for different internet services are safe?
  2. if one of your passwords consists of e.g. a) your name + year of birth, b) the name of your pet, c) your social security number, d) your date and year of birth, etc, change these unsafe passwords immediately to passwords based on sentences.

EXERCISE 2 – Managing user account data 

  1. Find the place where you can see the expiry date for your password.
  2. Find out when your user account expires.

EXERCISE 3 – Responsibilities connected with user access rights

Think about which item or items in the user regulations that are broken against by a person who

  1. Does not take care of security updates for their laptop and then connects a laptop that has been infected by a virus to the university network?
  2. Illegally downloads movies from a peer-to-peer network (e.g. using torrent software) to their own computer from a hall-of-residence network?
  3. Plays online chess at a computer centre?
  4. Spends time calculating and printing out their company’s invoices on university computers?


Exercise 3
Read the data security regulations.