Section 2.3 exercises

EXERCISE 1 – E-mail addresses at UH

  1. Read the Acceptable Use Policy for the University of Helsinki and Terms of use for Microsoft 365 Cloud Services. Consider whether Raimo Keski-Vääntö can use the Microsoft 365 service for the following purposes:
    1. Send his final report for a course on the agrarian society for grading by the instructor?
    2. Send the medical test results of test subject Acu Puncture, and a report on the results, to a course instructor?

EXERCISE 2 – Logging in and basic use

Sending a message

  1. Compose a new e-mail message in Outlook Web App.
  2. Type your own e-mail address in the To field.
  3. Enter “test message” as the subject.
  4. Send the message to yourself and see how quickly it is delivered.

Reading a message, selecting a message for deletion, and deleting a message

  1. When your e-mail message appears in your Inbox, click on the subject to read the message. The message will be displayed next to the inbox view. Double-click on the subject to open the message in a new window.
  2. Now you can delete the message you just sent yourself. You can mark a message for deletion by selecting the Delete option, but this time you can try using the keyboard instead. Select the message you wish to delete by clicking on it and then delete it by pressing Delete on the keyboard. The message is moved from your Inbox to the Deleted items folder. Note that the message has not yet been permanently deleted. You can either delete it or recover it.
  3. Now you can delete the message permanently. Locate the Deleted items folder, click on it to open it, and press Delete on the keyboard. Confirm the deletion of the message. The message will now be deleted and the space previously occupied by the message will be available again.

EXERCISE 3 – Options and additional features

  1. If you have a smartphone, tablet or computer, try installing the Microsoft suite on your device.
  2. What potential harm can follow from automatically forwarding e-mail from your address to another mailbox?