Student’s digital skills

Opiskelijan digitaidot suomeksi | Studentens digitalkompetens på svenska

This is the learning material for the Student’s digital skills study course. The material has been designed for students in the University of Helsinki, but may provide useful skills and knowledge for everyone at the university.


How do I complete the Student’s digital skills?

Learning goals

The study material is intended both for those studying independently and for students participating in classroom education. The learning goals for each section are:

1. Introduction to the use of computers

Learning goals: you can use a computer and its peripheral devices and can manage the use of files and folders. In addition, you can handle common IT problems, know the basics of using the Internet, and are familiar with the ‘netiquette’, or online etiquette.

2. The computer environment at the University of Helsinki

Learning goals: you can use the UH computer environment and its services independently. You also know which online study services provided by UH you can use to aid your studies.

3. Information seeking

Learning goals: you can use the UH library services and find information through various sources. You know different search techniques which help you make your work more efficient. You will also be familiar with the basics of copyrights.

4. Information security and privacy protection

Learning goals: you understand the significance of information security and privacy protection in your studies and other activities. You also know how the choices you make affect your own information security.

Modifying and presenting data (1 study credit, advanced module)

Learning goals: you know how to pick the right tool (program) for each task and know the basics of using the tool in question. You also know how to transfer data between different programs.

The Student’s digital skills material can be used by all non-commercial schools or academies for teaching or continuing education. However, the material may not be copied or edited further without permission from the University of Helsinki.