Section 3.2 exercises


  1.  What search words would you use to find information about “musical self-image”?
  2. Make sure you are using as appropriate search words as possible. In addition to words that first come to mind, you can look for and review search words in the General Finnish Ontology (YSO), for example.
  3. Create a search phrase from your search words. Use data retrieval techniques, such as Boolean operators and truncated words, to create a search phrase.
  4. Perform a search in Helka using the search phrase you just created. Edit the search phrase, if required.


  1. music, self image
  2. Procedure: Consult the General Finnish ontology (YSO) for search words. Open the YSO and search for keywords that start with “music”. When you start typing a word, a drop-down menu will appear, suggesting words.  The list of descriptors displayed in the YSO could be the following: music, self image, identity, personality
  3.  music* AND “self image”. Truncate words by using asterisk* and combine words by using Boolean  operators: music AND (“self image” OR identit* OR personalit*) 
  4. Search in Helka: music* AND “self image”.