Helka card and logging in to Helka

You can use the Helka card to loan printed material at the Helsinki University Library branches in Kumpula, Meilahti and Viikki.

Helka card is valid in all Helka libraries:

  • Organisations that are not part of the University of Helsinki, but whose material can still be found on Helka include the Institute for the Languages of Finland, the Finnish Heritage Agency Library, the Finnish Literature Society, the Library of the Labour Movement and the Baltia-kirjasto.

You will need a separate library card to use the materials of the National Library.

How to obtain a Helka card

To obtain a Helka card, activate your customer information by logging into the Helka database with your University of Helsinki username at helsinki.fi/helka.

  • Students of the University of Helsinki may start using a mobile library card at studies.helsinki.fi.
  • If you wish, you can (also) get a plastic Helka card. After activating your customer information, you can pick up a library card at any location of the Helsinki University Library during customer service hours. Remember to bring a photo ID when picking up your card.

circled text at top right corner: log in

When you borrow books, show the library card to the self-service lending machine or at the customer service desk. You can use the browser of you mobile device to show your mobile library card.

You need a PIN code for the self-service lending machine, which you can set in Helka before borrowing for the first time.

  1. First, make sure that you are logged in to Helka.
  2. Then set your PIN: My account > Contact details > Change PIN code.

More detailed instructions on obtaining a Helka card can be found on the library website.

You do not need a library card for e-books, just log in to Helka with your university user account. E-books can be accessed with a university user account remotely even outside the library premises or campus.

Helka’s self-service functions

When logged in to Helka, you can:

    • view your customer information
    • make reservations and renew loans
    • remotely access e-materials acquired by the library
    • save your searches as favourite lists
    • pay late fees
    • change the PIN code

The address and contact information of University of Helsinki students is updated to Helka directly from the study register. Do not edit your contact information in Helka, but rather provide your new address directly to the university.