Online examinations

The university offers many alternative examination methods that are more or less independent of time and place.

Examinarium – electronic examination service

Taking an examination in the Examinarium system increases flexibility with regard to the examination time. In Examinarium, examinations are taken in dedicated examination facilities equipped with surveillance cameras. The student books a time for the examination online. Each examination desk has a computer for taking the examination. Currently, there are examination facilities on four campuses: in the city centre, Viikki, Meilahti and Kumpula.

Examinarium tentti-ilmoittautuminen

However, you can take an examination in Examinarium only if the teacher in charge of the course allows it. Taking an examination also requires that the student has registered for the examination or the course in Sisu.

Moodle examinations

The Moodle platform, used as a course environment, has versatile assessment tools, and for many courses, the final examination is taken with Moodle’s examination function. Roughly speaking, there are three types of Moodle examinations:

  • Pre-assignments/milestone examinations, or various self-assessment tests that may count towards completing a course or provide additional points for the final examination. These are usually assessed and scored automatically, eliminating the need to wait for an assessment by the teacher and showing the score immediately. An example of these is the entry level tests for Student’s digital skills.
  • Classroom examination in Moodle is a supervised examination that is taken at a certain time in a certain place. In most cases, you can take the examination in Moodle using your own computer.
  • Applied online examination is an examination that can be taken in Moodle at a certain time in the place of your choice. The examination must usually be completed in a certain amount of time. Normally, these examinations consist of questions that require good knowledge about the theme of the examination and consequently the use of all materials is allowed. The competence test for Student’s digital skills is one of these examinations.

If you take an examination in Moodle using your own computer, it is important to ensure that the computer is ready for the examination: that it has the necessary programs, that the portable device has its battery fully charged if it happens that there are no power sockets available and that the reliability of the network connection is maximised, especially when using a wireless network.